5 Everyday Rituals for Botanical Connection

5 Everyday Rituals for Botanical Connection


An acupuncturist and herbalist offers five potent rituals to connect us with the botanical world, no matter what our creativity level or spiritual path may be.

Everyday rituals are symbolic actions repeated over time that reconnect us with ourselves, each other, and the world. Our personal rituals realign us with our values and evolve with us over time, reminding us of what is most important and how to elevate our brief existence in the most meaningful ways.

Plants have supported humans since the dawn of humanity. We continue to eat, wear, inhabit, and connect with the descendants of our botanical ancestors. In practicing everyday rituals for botanical connection, we reconnect with both our plant and human ancestors, acknowledging the myriad seen and unseen ways they enrich our lives. By remembering these ancestral connections through everyday rituals, we reconnect with beauty and the larger vision and purpose for our lives. We remember why we are here, now.

Meditative Botanical Rituals

Practice meditative botanical rituals with a single plant over an extended period to forge a profound connection between you and the plant. Dedicate time to visit and meditate with this plant daily, whether for a week, a month, a year, several years, or even a lifetime. Explore this practice with various plants in diverse locations. These rituals can be pursued independently or integrated into your existing mindfulness routines and can be tailored to suit your preferences.

Plant Sit

Begin by simply sitting with a plant. Notice a plant that calls to you, then go sit with them. Notice. Rest. Drop into sensation. Observe the color, shape, and texture of the leaves. Watch how the roots sink into the earth and how fresh growth sprouts up. Notice the varying shades of growth and places where the leaves drop. Sense the texture of the flowers, and notice the diverse scents of the different plant parts. Listen to how the wind and plant elements harmonize and dance together. Perhaps sway with that movement. Let your body and breath soften and deepen into this place as you attune your senses, first through active observation, then by easing into a slower, gentler, and passive observation. Embrace stillness, spaciousness, and the simple act of being present, both with yourself and with this plant.

Unified Field Meditation

Focus your gaze somewhere on this plant. Soften your gaze, and soften your breath. As you focus your attention on this one part of the plant, gently settle your body into this place at this time. Gradually soften your focus, expanding both your peripheral vision and proprioceptive awareness—the relation of your body in space—to include the entire landscape surrounding both you and the plant. Drop in. Allow yourself to merge into a sensation of unity with this plant and the environment you both inhabit. Settle. Breathe. Let time slow down. Be.

When you are ready, slowly return to noticing your body and your breath. Withdraw your gaze. Close your eyes. Gently shake yourself, take a few audible sighs, and return to your body.

Creative Botanical Rituals

Playing with natural elements organically sparks creativity, feeds our muse, and cultivates a sense of joy and peace. Invite your inner child to come out and play! Establish a “creative corner” at home, experimenting with botanical rituals using plants, flowers, and natural elements for mini altars. Equip yourself with pens, paper, crayons, and other tools that ignite inspiration. The botanical realm communicates in myth and metaphor, offering unique insights through creative ritual that direct approaches like writing may miss.

Nature Dot

Make a dot a day. This is an easy way to get comfortable with watercolor, establish a daily art ritual, and open to observation. Select a color that catches your eye in a plant or landscape, then mix your watercolors to match. Apply this color in a circular dot in your journal. My daily dots make a vibrant and playful calendar-palette that tracks my travels through varying desert, forest, and ocean colorscapes. Nature dots are an easily transportable ritual!

Writing With Plants

When wandering in nature, I like to warm up with a creative ritual before writing. I court my logical left brain by first courting my creative-genius right brain. In bringing simple drawing and writing tools on longer hiking, biking, backpacking, or other traveling adventures, we can make friends with new botanicals and landscapes wherever we go.

Sit Spot

Establish a regular relationship with a plant or place. Bring a small notebook and pen. Sit, draw, then write. Invite the plant and place to speak with you. Write in abstractions, poetry, stream-of-consciousness, and long-form. Ask questions and invite insights. Open to wonder. Allow surprises to emerge.


Note sensory observations. How does this plant look, smell, sound, feel? If the plant is edible, then how does it taste? Research when you go home. Find out more. Source information widely, from personal experience, historical records, intuition, and science. Write it down. Keep coming back.

How to Establish Daily Botanical Rituals

What rituals currently anchor your life to what is truly important? How do you connect with the plants in your home, garden, or during your travels? Which of these rituals for meditation, creativity, or writing resonate with you the most? What other ideas are swirling in your consciousness? Jot them down. Begin integrating these rituals into your daily reality. Observe what moves you with an open, expansive awareness. Clarify your interests, ideas, and the tools and skills you already possess. Then, curate your rituals. Craft a life of connection and beauty— the life you've always dreamed of.

By practicing these meditative, creative, and writing rituals, you deepen connection with the botanical world, ancestors, and wider world. You embrace nature through your senses and intuition, cultivating a sense of belonging wherever you go. You attune to the cadence of the seasons, both in the world and within yourself, embodying the dance of time and transformation. You notice beauty, cultivate more beauty, and fully inhabit a life of beauty and intention. You flourish.

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5 Everyday Rituals for Botanical Connection

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