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Temple at Midnight


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Temple at Midnight is the new solo album from Miten and this intimate, acoustic set of 11 songs reflects the fantastic journey he’s had as a musician. For the last 20 years Miten has recorded popular mantra-based albums and toured worldwide with his partner Deva Premal.

While Temple at Midnight continues Miten’s rich spiritual sensibility (“No Goal but This” and “One Step at a Time”) and lovely chanting by Deva Premal on “Exactly as It Is,” this album is a return to Miten’s roots as a 1970s folk-rock singer in Britain, when he performed under his born name—Andy Desmond—and toured with the likes of Ry Cooder and Fleetwood Mac.

This return to his singer-songwriter roots surprises even Miten. “I only went there kicking and screaming,” Miten told S&H. “Joby Baker, the album’s producer, kept on saying, ‘Miten, we have to do your songs.’ Me and Deva were in our own flow but somehow I knew I had to do it. It was coming back to this place I’m comfortable with: singing a song with a guitar, live.”

Some songs on Temple at Midnight date back 25 years, when Andy Desmond left his family and became Prabhu Miten at Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh’s (Osho) ashram in India. “It was really a transformational process. Once you connect with a guru you’ve had it, man,” Miten recalls. “You look so stupid to the rest of the world somehow. But to you there is nothing greater.”

Miten says music and meditation saved his life. “When we close our eyes and we’re on our inward path, there is a space in there that no government and no religion can touch. And in that space we look to make friends with ourselves with a joyful and accepting heart.”

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