10 Affirmations for Your Next Full-Moon Ritual

10 Affirmations for Your Next Full-Moon Ritual


Every full moon is a chance to metaphorically and physically drop anything that no longer serves you. It is a night to release negativity and practice gratitude.

From your must-have green tea latte or coffee in the morning to your daily gratitude practice, habits are a huge part of our everyday lives. Many of our habits are so ingrained that they just become regular routines. But if you’re on a spiritual growth path, chances are you like to be intentional about your experiences, which is why rituals are such a special practice.

Rituals go beyond regular routines because they are usually centered on a specific event, intention, or experience. They can help us live more balanced, focused lives. One of my favorite rituals is a full moon ritual because the full moon energy is a sacred time for releasing and calling in things that are in better alignment with your highest path.

As Emma Lowe, co-author of The Spirit Almanac: A Modern Guide to Ancient Self-Care says, “Since the beginning of time, rituals (both religious and otherwise) have been ingrained in culture. People conducted ritual—routines infused with spiritual undertones—because in some scenarios they didn’t really have a choice. It was simply a way of life.”

The night of a full moon is all about releasing negativity and practicing gratitude. The ritual does not need to be completed nor does it need to be at the exact moment of a full moon, but for best results it’s a good idea to perform within 48 hours before or after.

A full-moon ceremony is a potent time as there is an energetic intensity drawn to the earth from the moon’s magnetic pull. There is a type of focused, even frantic, energy where things that must be looked at will rise to the surface. You know, like those self-sabotaging habits that keep holding you back; the limiting thought patterns that are preventing you from seeing your true worth; or the reengaging of an ex you just can’t seem to shake or let go of (even though you know it’s what is best for both of you). These are the types of things we are forced to address during a full moon.

Which is why a full moon ritual can be so healing.

A full moon ritual can help with:

  • Releasing negativity
  • Letting go of what no longer serves you
  • Calling in more of what’s in highest alignment and good for you and all involved
  • Increasing energy
  • Spiritual cleansing
  • Setting intentions that materialize
  • Manifesting more abundance, love, or money
  • Forgiving others and yourself

    “Every full moon is a chance to metaphorically and physically drop anything that no longer serves you,” says Emma Lowe. A common ritual is to write down negative self-talk or old habits that are getting in your way, and then rip them up or burn them on the night of a full moon, signifying a release of their old energy.

    Another great practice to add to your full-moon ritual is repeating affirmations. The types of affirmations that work best during a full moon are those centered around letting go, forgiveness, and acceptance.

    Here are 10 powerful ones to use in your next full-moon ritual.

    1. Life is a balancing act of holding on and letting go.
    2. It isn’t who I am that holds me back. It’s who I think I am not.
    3. I let go of what the universe is asking me to release.
    4. When I give, I also receive.
    5. I am the hero of my own life story.
    6. Forgiveness isn’t about freeing me from my past. It is about opening up my future.
    7. I respect expiration dates.
    8. I break free from all that is holding me back.
    9. Every next level of my life will demand a different version of me.
    10. When I follow my heart, I am abundant, successful and free.

    Carving out the time for you during a ritual is helpful. It certainly doesn’t have to be religious, or for any other reason than wanting to create a stronger connection to the most important person in your life: you.

    These affirmations are inspired by my book Find Your Happy Daily Mantras.

    Revisit Deepak Chopra’s “3 Essential Practices for Gratitude.”

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