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program overview

Our current cultural, political and medical landscape has made it abundantly clear how much our world needs educated health and wellness leaders. There is no better time than now to pursue a degree that can make a difference in the world of tomorrow.

Founded in 1904 in Portland, Oregon, University of Western States today is an independent nonprofit university, accredited both institutionally and programmatically, comprising a diverse student body and offering highly focused and renowned programs in the areas of:

  • Chiropractic
  • Clinical mental health counseling
  • Clinical nutrition
  • Human nutrition and functional medicine
  • Sport and performance psychology
  • Sports medicine

We are known for our evidence-informed approach to wholeperson care that combines research, strong academics, and the inclusion of the practitioner’s knowledge and the patient’s or client’s personal experience in pursuing courses of treatment and evolving the way health care is administered. This is underscored by our network of clinics, in which professionals and interns serve the local community.


Find admissions requirements, entry terms, tuition rates and curriculum information for each of our programs on our website, uws.edu.

There are various ways to learn more about the university and our program offerings right where you are. Connect with our admissions team virtually by visiting uws.edu/connect. There you will find opportunities to attend virtual admissions Q&A sessions, virtual open houses, watch webinars and schedule an individual advising appointment.

We are located in Portland, Oregon, in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and we offer our graduate level programs both on campus and online.

Ready to apply? Visit uws.edu/apply or speak with a friendly admissions advisor at [email protected] or 800-641-5641. Learn how you can become a healing force in your community with a health and wellness degree from University of Western States.

“My favorite part about attending UWS is how helpful my classmates are. I feel that we’re all here to help one another succeed and become the best versions of ourselves. Many of my peers are very hard-working and passionate. This has been very inspiring to me.”

—Kyle Jones, DC student