Toolbox: Spreading Gratitude

Toolbox: Spreading Gratitude

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Utilize these seven tools to promote gratitude in your life and in the lives of your loved ones.

The start of the year is a time to celebrate our growth and our power to endure changes and difficulties. Giving gifts to others can express our own gratitude and inspire a steady stream of goodwill the whole year through.

3 Fountain

Fountain of Mirth

The movement of the water through the fountain keeps a mirthful rhythm throughout the day while aiding restful sleep at night. As a practice, fountains can be used to cast wishes by dropping in a coin to set the course of the day—or sprinkle salt to aid purification in the home. Campania offers a range of fountains for indoor or outdoor use, starting at around $100.

2 Bell

Ringing Reminder

Send your loved one off with a protection charm to ensure good tidings and blessings abound. When the bell sounds, the vibration wards off misfortune for the wearer. The Celtic knot engraving is designed to “tie-up” one’s troubles. Made of lead-free pewter, the bell is small enough to fit on a keychain or be placed on a door. Each soft ring is a reminder of love and support. $13.

7 Blessing Book

Blessings by the Book

Recognize the shower of blessings you receive in every season with The Book of Blessings and Rituals. Organized by month, this book offers creative ways to celebrate the special moments that come into your life. Whether it provides inspiration to create a blessing altar or guidance in crafting an invocation to strengthen your goals, the book will deepen your appreciation of the sacred, which is always at work to provide for us. $20.

1 3 Blessing Bowl

A Kindness Repository

Blessing bowls serve as a repository for kindnesses received, given, and witnessed. Recipients can use the bowls to track their own blessings by jotting them on pieces of paper, or the gift giver can fill the bowl with kind thoughts for the recipient, perhaps from extended family and friends. Made from hand-thrown ceramic, each uniquely colorful piece is one of a kind. $78.

4 1 Journal

Seeing Is Believing

Create a daily ritual to count your blessings with this intentional journal. Start your day by journaling about the beautiful things coming into your life that you’re most grateful for on that given day. As the blessings add up, the journal becomes something to marvel over—you’re able to see all the magical moments that took place over the whole year. Made from recycled paper in beach-speckle. $28.

8 2

Words to Live By

Encourage others to live their best day by spreading kindness and being grateful. This canvas plaque bears a special message for those heading out into the world to “ … take care of one another and tell the truth, and always do your best. Give thanks for all your blessings.” The frame is made of mango wood with an antique finish. $52.

5 Kindness Plant

Small Efforts Matter

Spread merry kindness by cheering up someone in need. These lifelike succulents, created by artist Lori Siebert, are made of durable acrylic and wrapped in a washable bag. They come with a variety of uplifting sentiments so that you can choose the one most meaningful to you and the gift recipient. It’s a regular reminder of how much you care. $20.

Toolbox Spreading Gratitude

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