8 Meaningful Gifts for Everyone on Your List

8 Meaningful Gifts for Everyone on Your List


Fill your loved ones’ stockings with just the right gift to fuel their passion.

A true gift to others is to really see them, to know them. Each of the following items are lovely in and of themselves, but these gifts also go deeper, acknowledging both the passion and the pain of the receiver.

Saku Superfood Latte

For the adventurous sipper: The only trick with these Saku Latte Blends is deciding which to try first. They’re so good that you'll drink your first cup down to the very last drop! These latte blends, from the more familiar spicy goodness of Golden Chai to the unusual and warming Ruby Cocoa, will happily transform your morning, afternoon, or evening routine. (From $18.95)

Brittany Leigh Jewelry

For the nostalgically tender-hearted: Give the gift of remembrance and preserve the delightful script of the ones you love. These necklaces are crafted from words written in the handwriting of the one you want to remember. ($209)

Alaya Tea  Assam Black Ginger 1

For the eco-conscious tea connoisseur: These small batch, loose-leaf teas are sourced from organic or biodynamic farms that treat their tea harvesters fairly and embrace farming practices that don’t harm the earth. The women-owned company packs their teas in fully compostable packaging that, when opened, unleash the delightful aroma of the loose leaves contained within. (from $16) 

Satya Zodiac Necklace

For the astrology lover: Each zodiac necklace shows the constellation representing that sign, and features the birth stone as its brightest star. The company that makes them, Satya, supports global initiatives for children through its foundation. ($89)

Humboldt Apothecary Wintergreen Cbd Stick

For those in chronic pain: The eucalyptus, wintergreen, and clove in this Wintergreen CBD Stick creates a spicy aroma that is a treat for the senses, while the cannabis extract goes to work on your inflammation and pain. Gillian Levy, CEO at Humboldt Apothecary, on the ratio of CDB to THC, “Because a topical product is being used on the skin and not taken internally, there will be no psychoactive effects from applying this product. We have chosen a 1:1 ratio because there is evidence that this is a highly effective ratio for pain and inflammation.” ($24)

Seeing Stars

For the horoscope chaser who wants to dive deeper: These colorful, engaging, and informative books will delight every sign of the zodiac. Each book is part of the Seeing Stars series, written by the aptly named Stella Andromeda, and offers entertainment and insight into how your sign is reflected in your home, self-care habits, love life, and more. ($11.99)

Kl Relief Advanced Cream 1 7Oz

For those who currently live by the mantra “pain, pain, go away”: Relief Advanced Cream includes hemp extract, frankincense serratta, and arnica, and promises to penetrate into your tissues with issues to relieve pain quickly. ($80)

Fine Healing Goods

For the super soaker: Restorative Himalayan Bath Soak combines the tried-and-true benefits of Himalayan salts with the more recently recognized stress-relieving effects of organic hemp extract. Let’s just call it bathing with benefits. ($58)

There is also a great gift in being present, no matter what is happening in it.

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