Toolbox: Lazy Days

Toolbox: Lazy Days

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Looking for tools to spark your next day of relaxation?

We all need a lazy day from time to time to catch up on all the things we’ve put on hold. When we take time for self-care, we’re giving ourselves permission to embrace the good life. We can rekindle our dreams and make space for our own sacred healing through rest, joy, learning, fun, and laughter.

2 Potery

Puttering Around Pottery

Take time out from your normal routine with this beginner-friendly pottery kit. It provides everything you need to design your very own flower pot, no kiln necessary. Clay, carving tools, paints, and a paintbrush are all included. Once complete, just add flowers to brighten your living space! $84.

1 1 Hammock

Swing Some Sleep

Nothing says rest and relaxation like a leisurely afternoon spent in a swinging hammock. From Dharma Crafts, this rope hammock comes with a carrying case and can hold up to 400 pounds. It might inspire you to create your own sanctuary indoors or outdoors. $220.

4 1 Oracle Deck

Watch the Clouds

Sacred Traveler Oracle Cards will help you interpret the signs around you, bringing the unseen into clearer focus. The Watching Clouds card is like getting a personal invitation from the universe to slow down! Contains 52 cards and a guidebook filled with inspiration from Denise Linn. $22

5 Lollipop Grow Kit

​​Eat, Plant, Grow!

Spend a sweet day outdoors soaking up the beauty of your own garden. The Blooming Lollipops Grow Kit comes with eight lollipops in flavors like peach & marigold and sage & marshmallow. When you're done, bury the stick to grow a plant that is connected to the flavors you just enjoyed—like marigold or sage. $44.

8 Comfort Step

Rest Comfortably

Get comfy-cozy with celestial-inspired socks from Conscious Step, because when we feel snug we’re more able to relax. Each purchase supports a mental health charity. $45.

3 Book Little Stories fullsize

Tell A Little Story

Peruse Little Stories of Your Life on a go-nowhere day, or tell your own little stories. The book guides you in mixing photos and words to capture the essentials of who you are—without needing a grand narrative arc. $21

9 1 Lavender Gift

Lay Around With Lavender

The lavender gift set from Shaman’s Market comes with fragrant, dried lavender flowers, a calming mist spray to aid your relaxation, and a lavender jade soap rock to cleanse dense energies and induce a deeper relaxation so you can sink into a lazy day. $30.

To wind down your day of self-care, listen along to this guided relaxation for deep sleep.

Toolbox Lazy Days

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