Toolbox: Head Off Headaches

Toolbox: Head Off Headaches

Experiment with these unique headache relief gadgets and resources—and maybe make head pain just an unpleasant memory.

Nearly 30 percent of adults suffer from severe headaches or migraines, and almost everyone has to manage the occasional headache. Experiment with these unique headache relief gadgets and resources—and maybe make head pain nothing but an unpleasant memory.

Migraine Glasses Computer

Indoor Shades

Light-blocking glasses are trendy for computer users. The standard orange tint blocks blue light that can strain the eyes. The FL-41 filter adds more light-blocking ability and has been clinically shown to help migraine sufferers. Many companies offer some version of the FL-41 filter. Hooga ( offers many color therapy shades; it’s FL-41 indoor migraine glasses are $46.

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Migraine bottle 15ml 900x700

Essential Relief

Peppermint is a well-known headache buster thanks to naturally occurring menthol. Peppermint can lessen muscle contraction and stimulate blood flow. Rocky Mountain Oils’ Migraine Support Essential Oil Blend combines peppermint with basil, marjoram, and lavender. $25.95.

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Gammacore Relief neck Copyright electro Core Inc
electro Core inc

Vitalize the Vagus

Your vagus nerve is your body’s information highway. It helps your brain and body communicate, playing an important role in how you feel. The gammaCore Sapphire handheld device is FDA cleared to acutely treat migraine and headache pain through gentle, electrical stimulation of the vagus nerve. The device can be used by prescription only at this time.

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MG green
Slow North

Migraine Mask

A pillow for your eyes, the weighted Slow North migraine mask can be heated or cooled for naturally soothing headache relief. Filled with unscented lentils, the mask comes in five patterns. $37.

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Crystal pyramid castorly stock
Castorly Stock

Calming Crystals

Amethyst (which nourishes the nervous system), lapis lazuli (which soothes tension), citrine (which relieves stress), and quartz (which opens the crown chakra) are popular crystals said to hold headache-healing energetic properties. Whatever you believe, the calming presence of these crystals may assist you in keeping your headaches away. is one seller of crystals. Expect to pay anywhere from a few dollars per item to upwards of $50.

Allay 7
Allay Lamp

Green Light

The soothing green glow of the Allay Lamp is meant to be easy on the eyes, a boon for the many migraine sufferers who are sensitive to light. The company says that green light triggers a smaller electrical signal in the eye and brain than all-spectrum light. $149.00.

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Splitting HB

The Inside Story

Neuroscientist Amanda Ellison’s Splitting: The Inside Story on Headaches is an insightful look at all manner of head pain. $15.

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Allay 7

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