The Prize Is Humanity

The Prize Is Humanity

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The voice of humanity is calling for peace.

From all sides and all angles, from cities, towns, and hamlets across the world, a new voice rises … the voice of humanity calling for peace, as they work together to alleviate the pain and suffering of innocents in Ukraine and derail the creep toward worldwide war. From all houses of human enterprise people are raising every available obstacle to prevent such a cataclysm. However, the most potent obstacle to war has been the unified human spirit driving all these efforts. Is there anyone who comprehends this catastrophe who can truthfully say he or she has not sent a thought, a call, a prayer to God, to transcendent powers, or to the Universe, or what or whoever may hear their pleas?

Those thoughts, calls, prayers are heard in the halls of wisdom where the guides of humanity live—those experts in every field of human endeavor who seed the ideas, the discoveries, the solutions to all our problems when we have the most serious need for them. They are the teachers of the greats memorialized in our history books—in art, science, economics, industry, politics, and in every spiritual tradition, religious and non-religious. They have evolved through lifetimes of trial and error, pain and suffering to self-mastery, and thus in joy and bliss to the ranks of the Masters of Wisdom and the Lords of Compassion.

Some already live among us and stand ready to give of their wisdom and power to show us how to save ourselves and the Earth. All they need is our permission, our invitation, our call for help. During this intense time of war in Ukraine, it appears that millions of us are raising that flag, that signal showing our readiness to work in unison for peace. The more we call on them, the more they may intervene without infringing our human free will.

At their group head is the Master of all the Masters, the World Teacher for this new 2,500-year Age of Aquarius. His personal name is Maitreya. He has returned to live and work among everyday men and women along with his group, the Masters of Wisdom. They are inspiring all who will listen to become activists in the cause of peace and the brotherhood of man by sharing Earth’s resources. In a series of messages he gave through British author and painter Benjamin Creme, he states in his own words his reasons for returning now. Here is a fragment from message #2.

“… Many there are throughout the world who call me, beg for my return. I answer their pleas. Many more are hungry and perish needlessly, for want of the food which lies rotting in the storehouses of the world. Many need my help in other ways: as Teacher, Protector; as Friend and Guide. It is for all of these I come. To lead men, if they will accept me, into the New Time, the New Country, the glorious future which awaits humanity in this coming Age; for all of this I come.”

Therefore, all men and women of good will, continue to pray, light candles, sing songs, meditate, march for peace, and do your best to help others and the cause of freedom! Your fiery prayers are heard. Maitreya and the Masters are with you, sending strength, unflagging courage, and ‘coincidental’ opportunity to succeed in the battle for the future of mankind on Earth.

“Keep your eye on the prize … the prize is Humanity!” —Maitreya

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