Let’s Be Clear: 3 Tips for an Effective Daily Energy Clearing Practice



Managing our energy is an important part of our overall health, and a good energy practice is more than burning sage every once in a while.

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Have you ever felt that the energy in your home was a little funky or somehow “off?” That is what usually sends us to the store for sage, incense, crystals, or candles. However, when we wait for energy to get that bad, we are working in crisis mode. Managing our energy is an important part of our overall health, and a good energy practice is more than burning sage every once in a while. Energetic health is more like personal physical hygiene, because it is best when done regularly. One of the goals to a personal energy practice is to avoid crises, just as regular physical care helps us avoid sickness, accidents, and disease. Here are three tips to help you build your practice. For more information and specific techniques, see Modern Guide to Energy Clearing.

1. Include all three areas of personal energy work

Personal energy work includes three areas: clearing, containment, and cultivation. Energetic clearing is eliminating unwanted energy (which is usually either stagnant or frenetic) from yourself and your home (or car or workspace) that you don’t want. Once the unwanted energy is removed, create boundaries or contain your energy body so undesired energy stays out. Now that you have a safe, protected space, you can cultivate more of the energy that you do want. Pay attention to all three areas of energy work to enjoy the most robust energetic health.

2. Pick techniques that work for you

Energy management techniques can be as elaborate as a full ritual or as simple as a breath. Don’t adopt a practice because someone said it was the best (or if they say it is the only) way to care for yourself. Everyone is different. If you love learning about and working with, say, crystals, then use them. If you don’t, then don’t. Just like you are more apt to exercise if you pick an activity that you enjoy, you are more likely to do your energy practices if you like them.

3. Blend practices into your normal daily routine

Our lives are already busy, and our days are often filled. Adding more things to your To Do List will likely cause more anxiety than create peace. Pair up techniques with things you already do each day. Affirmations, prayer, or meditation can be used for energy management. Most of us brush our teeth each day; using that two minutes for repeating an affirmation, saying a prayer, or meditating is an easy way to blend a practice into an already daily habit. Walking can be used to manage energy, so if you walk each day, make it intentional by grounding unwanted energy. Breathing is an excellent and easy way to both clear and cultivate energy. Your daily commute could be a great time for this.

Energy work isn’t complicated and doesn’t have to be time consuming. The benefits are so amazing that it is worth adding to your daily routine. Not all energy work requires daily practice. You will find that some techniques are only needed once a week, once a month, quarterly, annually, or even just on an “as needed” basis.

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