Haden Inst

The Haden Institute

Asheville, NC

We teach Spiritual Direction & Dream Work, offering our participants a space for developing a robust relationship with their unconscious. Lectures, small group work, creative embodiment practices all lead to accessing the rich wisdom within each individual.

LOCATION: In-Person or On-Line attendance at Kanuga Conference Center in beautiful NC Blue Ridge Mountains. In-Person attendance at Mt Carmel Monastery in magnificent Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

course overview

Spiritual Direction Training

  • Study mystical and contemplative practices of Christianity and other religious and spiritual traditions
  • Learn seminal ideas from Carl Jung’s teachings, and their application to the personal and spiritual growth process
  • Gain experience and skill in spiritual direction through practice and case study presentations
  • Be introduced to dream work, including the function of dreams, and how to use dream work with both individuals and groups
  • Develop tools for self-discovery and transformation such as Myers–Briggs Type Indicator and the Enneagram
  • Deepen spiritual literacy, interfaith awareness, and the use of contemplative practices as tools for personal discernment
  • Learn how creative expression and embodiment exercises facilitate spiritual growth and understanding

Dream Work Training

  • Learn Jungian concepts such as archetype, complex, individuation, personality typology, and the psychology of dreaming & dream work
  • Deepen inner awareness with regular personal dream work practices and through work with a dream counselor
  • Develop understanding of symbology of dreams through amplification, poetry, dream theater, active imagination, role play and myth
  • Learn to work with individuals to translate their dream messages into conscious meaning
  • Gain skills in dream work through facilitated and self-led practica
  • Experience Zen meditation, active imagination, journaling, poetry, guided imagery, creative expression, and embodiment practices
  • Explore nature of dream work within/across cultures & religious traditions

Two-Year Certification Courses:

Spiritual Direction Training Dream Work Training

WEEKEND INTENSIVES: Three 4-day intensives per year

DISTANCE LEARNING & MENTORS TUITION: See website for our affordable tuition (Payment programs)

ENTRY DATES: SD 3/24/2022 & 9/15/22, DW 8/18/22 & 2/16/23 – Apply Online!

“I honed my muscle with curiosity and my ability to live in the questions.”
—Graduate from Va.