The Metaphysical Wisdom of a Tennis Yogi

The Metaphysical Wisdom of a Tennis Yogi

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Enjoy this excerpt from a memoir about one athlete coming to terms with his spiritual path.

Swinging his tennis racket from hazardous international war zones to the yogic ashram of a reclusive Himalayan guru, Brian Cox was eventually drawn to Mount Shasta, an area known for its esoteric legends. His search for self-realization and wholeness led him to many teachers, including Dennis Adams, a renowned healer from Mt. Shasta, who demonstrated miracles and the power of the mind over matter under scientific conditions. Brian shared his unique training and often humorous experiences in the memoir Tennis With God, part of which has been excerpted below.

An Excerpt from Tennis With God:

“During the first seven years on earth, your cellular growth rate is at a seven-to-one ratio compared to an adult,” he said. “This means everything that happens to you during those years takes on a huge seven-to-one significance compared to the rest of your life. During those early years you take on the patterns of your parents at a massive seven-to-one ratio. Like it or not, you become like your parents and their personalities express through you several times an hour.

You love your parents so unconditionally that you even take on the same diseases and health problems they have. At an early age you saw how long your grandparents or relatives were living and formulated how long you thought you would live. You are already planning your death by creating a picture of when you think it should happen.”

Dennis then pointed out that it was the tough love from my father that had helped me become the person I was, strong enough to handle life and reach for my divinity like I had. Then he said that the anger I held toward my father was keeping me from experiencing more personal growth. Dennis recommended that I implement the technique of writing Dad a letter using a charcoal pencil. "Tell him that you are no longer going to carry his physical, emotional, or mental karma." After you write the message, you read the message out loud three times and then burn it.

The process uses all the senses, and the carbon removes the karma stored in your body that you have with that person. Then he added, “Start doing the Five Rites. They will help reset your chakras to the vitality you had in your teenage years.” The Five Rites are yoga-like movements that were developed in Tibet hundreds of years ago and are still practiced by monks who appear quite fit for their advanced ages.

Dennis said that he found through observations and multidimensional travels that electrons carry information from our physical units into the invisible world of space, which surrounds every particle of matter. We update the rest of the universe through space with our own electrons, and they come back into our body with unconditional love, along with updates on what everything else in existence is up to.

By increasing the amount of unconditional love within the electrons in the body, you increase the energy in them to the point where the electron doubles and then triples itself to handle the increase of energy. At this point the physical body simply disappears from sight because it has accelerated into a higher rate of frequency than the human eyes can see.

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The Metaphysical Wisdom of a Tennis Yogi

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