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Water Wisdom

Robert H. Wellington

Water Wisdom

Robert H. Wellington

Watercolor Egg Meditation

In the third episode of Your Creative Spirit, Flora Bowley shares a visualization practice utilizing watercolors.

Watercress Green Smoothie

This wonderful watercress smoothie is the perfect afternoon snack as it is packed full of nutritious watercress to keep you going throughout the day.

Watercress-Parsley Soup

From Signs & Seasons: An Astrology Cookbook

Waxing and Waning: Yoga for the Moon

Everyone, at some time or another, has felt a personal connection to the moon. Most of us forget about it most of the time, but everyone I know has, at some point, looked out a win…

Wayne Wile: Art appreciation betters society

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Ways of Knowing

Intuitive ways of knowing go beyond conscious thinking and guide us to truths that are difficult to prove or even explain.

Ways to Turbo Charge Your Brain

Smile, and you’ll experience how the body influences the brain. But how should we think about this relationship? Is a smile an input to the brain or an output from the brain — or b…

We All Suffer From H.E.L.P. (Human Existential Looping Problem), but There’s Help!

Stuck in a rut—or a loop? “Thoughts we’ve had thousands of times are easier to have again than new, creative thoughts. ... So what are we to do about our loops getting stronger with every repetition?”

​We Are All Called to Contribute to Our New World

“We are on the right path, despite the chaos around us.”

We Are All Responsible for Shootings

When I was a school counselor, there was a girl in the sixth grade who was absent more than present. When she did make it to school, kids called her “Dead Girl” because of her mono…

We Are Depressed—Because We Miss the Love of God

What does it mean to live from a core of love, becoming a leader of integrity, passion, vision, and wisdom?

We Are One: Planetary

Photo Credit: Hopi Indian, Sedona Arizona (c) planetary collective

We Are They

"We are at a basic crossroads between deepening the decency that comes from caring for each other and spreading the contagion of making anyone who is different an enemy."

We Do: How We-ism Can Make Your Relationship Work

Being “you” and being “us” at the same time (“mwe”) and embracing interdependence is the key to a long-lasting, loving relationship.

We Don’t Have to Be Perfect

A lesson learned: be true to yourself and to be grateful for who you are.

We Elect Coaches, But We're the Players

As the ubiquitous, exhausting and often disturbing election campaign trudges on, I am often reminded of something my high school classmate Artie used to say. We were sports fans an…

We Hold These Truths To Be Self Evident

“I am fascinated by religion. I simply don’t like the idea that something is beyond questioning.”

We told my niece that her mom died in a car crash. She isn't dead.

My niece is dying from a rare blood disorder. She takes comfort in believing she will soon be with her mother in heaven. I know otherwise: My sister isn’t dead. We told my niece th…