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8 Songs for Social Change: The Music of Revolution

I came to activism out of a desire to make a difference, but I stayed for the music. I marvel at music’s capacity to open us up, lift us up, and touch us so deeply. And I marvel ev…

Dudley & Dean Evenson’s 7 Spiritually Uplifting Songs

Musical and life partners Dudley and Dean Evenson offer seven of their favorite songs to move body and soul.

Let the Spirit Move You

Listening to music may be the ultimate mood enhancer. For an extra kick, sing along and even dance.

M.C. Taylor’s 13 Spiritually Uplifting Songs

M.C. Taylor, singer-songwriter and frontman of Hiss Golden Messenger, shares his go-to spiritually uplifting songs—with links!

Music Review: Keep Me Singing

Keep Me SingingVan MorrisonCaroline InternationalKeep Me Singing is Van Morrison’s 36th studio album—his first since 2012—and the singer’s smooth voice and bluesy lyrics remain imm…

Spring’s Resurrection Can’t Be Canceled in the Church of the Woods

Common ground can be found, and reverence realized, when we look to nature for inspiration.

Turning to the Morning: Sunset Rituals

By Lissin Lev ChayaEver since I was little, no matter where I was, I knew when the sun was going down. When I moved to the Pacific Ocean 15 years ago, my awareness became a daily s…

Valerie June's 7 Most Spiritually Uplifting Songs

Singer-songwriter Valerie June shares her go-to spiritually uplifting songs—with links!