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A Fast Path to Less Stress

Unwind your system, find rest more easily, and ultimately enjoy and engage in the important parts of your life more fully.

Extreme Simplicity

10 Lessons from the 4th Century Desert Dwellers

​Finding Abundance in Having Less

What happens when we measure riches in terms of relationships, spirituality, and creativity

Finding Joy in Simple Things

Two questions to ask yourself for leading a simpler life.

Finding Joy in Simplicity

Let go of being weighed down by an overly complicated life.

My Wooden Bowl: Container of Contentment?

“I was intrigued three decades ago when I learned that Mahatma Ghandi ate all of his food out of one bowl. I decided to emulate him, starting with a medium-sized very plain wooden bowl that someone had already given me as a gift.”

September: Simplicity

Sustainability, slowing down and slow food.

Simple is the New Black

"A simple closet didn’t just change my wardrobe, it changed my whole life."