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4 Essential Oil Blends to Help Ease Inflammation

Try these essential oil blends to help soothe everyday inflammatory conditions like sprained wrists, sinus congestion, heartburn, and eczema.

5 Cold Therapies for Healthy Aging

From “frotox” to full-body immersion, consider five intriguing cold therapies for inflammation, depression, and more.

5 Foods to Keep You Cool Inside

Cooling foods help you beat inner inflammation.

5 Things You Can Do to Decrease Systemic Inflammation That Have Nothing to Do with Food

“While dietary change is a great first line of defense, calming inflammation calls for a multi-faceted approach that delves into all aspects of lifestyle.”

5 Ways to Avoid Losing Muscle Mass

Keeping muscle as we age.

7 Foods to Boost Memory and Clarity

Reduce inflammation and increase your brain’s natural power

A Simple Way to Lower Inflammation

We can all attest to the value of taking a deep breath when life gets stressful. There are moments when stopping and counting to ten can do wonders. It turns out, this combination …

Anti-Inflammation Meal: Vibrant Malay Salad

The bounty of ingredients in this quick-to-make salad are available in most supermarkets.

Boost Immunity and Battle Inflammation With Turmeric and Ginger

Remind yourself of the plethora of health benefits (immune-boosting! anti-inflammatory!) of powerhouse spices turmeric and ginger, with delicious recipes from chef Suzy Scherr and dietitian Rachel Beller.

Calm the Body, Calm the Culture

Dr. Will Cole on easing chronic inflammation in individuals and in society as a whole.

Chronic Inflammation: Risk Factors and Signs

“Don’t rely on your doctor to point out possible chronic inflammation to you; it doesn’t share the same visible symptoms as acute inflammation.”

Does Fizz Fight Autoimmune Disorders?

A new study suggests drinking baking soda may help combat common diseases.

Eat Broccoli for Aching Joints?

Researchers have long known that cruciferous vegetables—members of the cabbage family like Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and bok choy—are among the healthiest you can …

Fight Inflamm-Aging

Aging and chronic inflammation turn out to be so interconnected, the research world has a new term: “inflammaging.”

Fight Inflammation All Day Long

Here’s how to fight chronic inflammation, all day long.

Food Sensitivities and Gut Repair

Scientific researchers are clear that food intolerances are different from allergies and may take longer to show up in the body than allergies.

Foods That Douse the Flames of Inflammation

Why the fountain of youth isn’t actually full of water

Have You Tried Salt Cave Therapy?

Salt cave therapy is a growing trend that boasts benefits for the lungs and skin.

How Inflammation Affects Your Emotions

The spiritual meaning of inflammation is all about the ego, whether it’s righteous, victimized, entitled, or needy.

How to Eat for Healthy Gene Expression

How the expression of our genes and the makeup of our micro biome are both fundamentally connected to the foods we choose to eat.