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6 Refreshing Ways to Connect With the Earth

Forge a deeper connection with the world around you in six simple ways. Start with a DIY nature altar.

Ahimsa: How to Practice Nonviolence in Nature

Do no harm: Three surprising insights and reflections on the practice of ahimsa from the fungi on the forest floor, plus five practices for tapping in.

Build a Compassion Cell Garden

Do you accept the challenge to take a walk and take a stand? The compassion cell garden blends nature, reflection, and a charge to spread compassion through your world.

Connect to the Wisdom of Trees

Deepen your connection to trees.

Ecotherapy: Nature Is Good Medicine

Taking time to engage with nature is as close to a cure-all as you’ll find. Ecotherapy can make you feel happier, less fatigued, and more at peace.

Engage Nature’s Healing Energies

“If you feel drawn to a particular place outdoors in nature, try to go there (even if just in your mind).”

Forest Bathing

“But I’ll tell you what hermits realize. If you go off into a far, far forest, and get very quiet, you’ll come to understand that you’re connected with everything.” —Alan Watts Ha…

Forest Bathing in My Own Backyard

“I am hoping the researchers are right when they say that breathing in and touching soil bacteria can strengthen the mood and immune system.”

Grounded in Nature

Restore your natural rhythms at these idyllic getaways.

How Forest Bathing Can Improve Your Health Story

Shinrin-yoku is a practice of taking time to enjoy moving through a forest one step at a time

Nurturing Creativity Through Nature

Here are 5 suggestions on how you might look to nature to enhance your own creativity.

Podcast: Lyanda Lynn Haupt

Lyanda Lynn Haupt, eco-philosopher, naturalist, writer, educator, and author discusses the human connection to nature, the necessity of solitude, and shedding otherness.

Seeing Ourselves Through Nature

We can reconnect to ourselves, gaining a deeper, fuller understanding of who we are, by reconnecting to nature.

Shinrin-Yoku: A Boost for Your Immune System

Forest bathing can bring healing to anyone who practices it.

Skinny Dipping as a Spiritual Practice

A skinny dipping experience can not only be incredibly sensual, but it can also be undeniably spiritual.

Strengthen Your Bond in Nature

Over every mountain there is a path, although it may not be seen from the valley. —Theodore Roethke For many of us, overwhelming stress sends us straight into the arms of Mother N…

The Healing Magic of Forest Bathing

Once a month is enough to sustain higher levels of immunity, and the intention of healing magnifies the effects.