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4 Ways to Release Material Wants

Here are four ways to practice releasing attachment to material belongings.

5 Questions with Tisha Morris

Feng shui consultant and author of Clutter Intervention, Tisha Morris offers insight into why we hold on to so much stuff.

5 Ways to Get Closet Clarity

Our relationship with clothing is complex and can spill over into the closet. Time for a reckoning.

5 Ways to Unblock Your Home’s Chi

Our homes can exhibit symptoms of stuck chi, leading us to feel lethargic, indecisive, and unmotivated. Here’s how to unblock your home’s chi flow.

An Easy Tool to Curb Spending

Reflecting on what we own can help us shop less.

Book Review: The More of Less

The More of LessFinding the Life You Want Under Everything You OwnBy Joshua BeckerWaterBrook PressUnder that heap of mail there’s a kitchen counter. Buried behind the shovels …

Breathing Room

Take a compassionate look at your clutter to accept the problem, understand what’s really valuable, and clear the way for a more peaceful home—and heart.

How Decluttering Can Help You Process Grief

Coming to terms with our cluttered spaces could be one way for us to heal.

How to Clear Your Clutter With Reiki

Your outer circumstances are a reflection on how you feel about the world.

How To Create A Life You Don’t Need To Escape

"I have been asking myself what it takes to be present and fully absorbed in the life we are leading. It is not an easy question."

Is Your Messy Kitchen Making You Overeat?

According to science, avoiding unhealthy snacking can actually be as easy as decluttering your kitchen.

The Imperfect Home

Sacred spaces are reflections of us, our needs, our souls