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meditation coach training for leaders

Meditation coaching is one of the fastest-growing areas in wellness. The LIBERATE meditation coach certification program trains mindful leaders how to integrate stress-relieving meditation practices with effective coaching techniques.

Setting and achieving goals becomes more intuitive and actionable through meditation coaching by promoting focus, introspection, and clarity. Traditional meditation styles can feel rigid and challenging to sustain. The Sura Flow approach is creative, effortless, and universal. It’s a simple energy-based practice that appeals to everyone.

Most of our graduates are professionals, leaders, executives, and creatives who utilize their training in their careers or to start their own business. Visit our website to learn more about LIBERATE and see if meditation coaching is for you.

LIBERATE meditation coach training highlights

  • Rated top 5 online meditation teacher trainings
  • 300-hour Certified Meditation Coach Training
  • 12-week intensive training + hands-on practice
  • Integrates meditation, energy healing & leadership coaching
  • Help others develop a daily meditation practice
  • Learn how to guide calming meditations
  • Receive a meditation coaching business toolkit


LIBERATE is hosted once per year. The next term is now open for enrollment and begins in September 2022.

Inquire at suraflow.org for more information.


founder of meditation coaching Sura is a meditation coach and trainer who left her job on Wall Street and set out on a journey of self-discovery all across Asia. After immersing herself for years in traditional meditation practices, she discovered a more feminine, energy-based approach to meditation. Now she teaches Sura Flow, a simple 3-step method to meditation that starts with relaxation. Sura trains leaders to become meditation coaches across the world—with the mission of raising consciousness for a better, more equitable, and balanced world.

“The Sura Flow approach to meditation is so much more accessible than many of the traditional methodologies, yet just as effective. It’s intuitive, scientifically-backed, and deeply steeped in the wisdom traditions—it feels natural, creative, and supportive for both beginning meditators and advanced practitioners.”

—Christine Day - Former Head of Digital at Chopra Global