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School of Intuitive Studies, LLC

program overview

The Intuitive Healer Training Program is a year-long training to amplify your innate intuitive gifts and activate your Divine calling as a healer. In this depth training program, Wendy De Rosa, renowned intuitive healer and spiritual teacher, will guide you to develop fundamental skills to expand your intuition. You’ll clear energy blocks, heal familial and ancestral wounds, and align your energy and intentions with your soul and the Divine. Wendy and her co-facilitators will share consciousness teachings and a range of tools and practices that will empower you, as you deepen your intuitive gifts—and guide others along their healing path.

This program includes:

  • Embodied energy healing, chakras, the foundation of grounding, and how to clear energy in your body and for others.
  • Development of the “Four Clairs” in your energetic system and learning how to nurture your upper and lower body intuition.
  • Tools for soul healing, Divine healing, and the mystical experience of clearing energy on a deep soul-level.
  • Developing your healer abilities, healer ethics, and living your gifts in the world.

The Intuitive Healer Training Program is delivered in three levels, and includes a strong container of assistant support, nurturing, and integrity over a year-long process.

certifications, programs, or training available

Graduates of the Intuitive Healer Training Program receive certification as an Intuitive Energy Healer through the School of Intuitive Studies.


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Starting April 2022, the year-long program offers the following to each student:

  • 4-Day Immersion Training, beginning April 2022
  • Weekly training sessions, which are also recorded
  • Additional support calls available twice/month
  • Access to a personal assistant, with whom to schedule calls, as needed
  • Manageable payment plan options

“I own my emotions, energy, and power now. I feel so peaceful in my skin compared to what I used to be. I own my emotions now…. I can feel extreme anger and within a few minutes, let it go. I also own my power. I used to avoid challenging and difficult conversations. I also own my energy and I can tell what is not mine.”

—Yvette H.