Earth Warrior

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Tony Duncan
Canyon Records

Earth Warrior is a celebration of life. This sensitive album of flute music inspires connection to precious realms that many of us take for granted: the miracle of a sunrise, the invisible power of wind, and our ancestors. Tony Duncan honors the past, present, and future on titles like “Grandmother Moon” and “Canyon Winds.”

Duncan is a Native American musician and hoop dancer who learned music from his father, Ken Duncan Sr., to whom Earth Warrior is dedicated. Tony grew up listening to traditional songs like “Zuni Sunrise” that contain sacred stories passed from generation to generation.

Duncan’s music evokes nature and life in delightful ways. “Dance of the Coyote” features flute playing that jumps and darts about, inspiring visions of a coyote on a moonlit mountaintop. Drums and vocals add grounding to “Medicine Woman,” while “The Flicker of Light” brings to mind the warm flames of a campfire. This CD is a mix of traditional pieces arranged by Duncan and original songs like “Elders Speak,” which has Darrin Yazzie on guitar. Earth Warrior was released by Canyon Records, now celebrating 60 years of producing Native American music. 

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