Seven Falls

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Marshall Styler
Styler Music, BMI

Marshall Styler is known for creating deeply moving melodies for piano and instrumental keyboard accompaniments; this gentle and romantic improvisational-style music casts a soothing spell. Listen to it in the evening as the stars come out, as leaves twirl gently to the ground in the fall, in front of a crackling fire in the winter, or as the sun glistens on a new leaf after a spring rain. Most of all, however, listen with someone you love. Designed to relax, heal, and uplift body, mind, and soul, this music would enhance a massage therapy session or help a restless child drift off to sleep, as it does not surprise but lulls. Styler says, “The images I had when I composed Seven Falls were romantic,” sharing that they emerged from memories of his early relationship with his wife in upstate New York where she grew up.

Marshall Styler is a composer and recording artist based in Austin, Texas. Considered one of the major New Age musicians specializing in melodic piano, he is best known for his Red River Trilogy, inspired by the Texas landscape. His other albums include Jericho, The Twilight Concertos, and A Face in the Clouds. Styler’s work has been called “poetry without words,” and it does indeed have the ability of poetry to touch us very deeply.

Styler says this about his work: “My music is not space or soundscape music. I compose instrumental pieces that have a definite structure, based around melodies. There are no words to tie it all down, so there is a certain dreamlike quality inherent in my sound.” And: “I consider myself an Impressionist, in the spirit of the French Impressionist painters — Degas, Monet, and Matisse. They worked with color and emotion and have a powerful elegance that I strive for in my music.”

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