Gabriel Mann and Tanya Witman

Spirituality & Health Magazine
reviewed by Kristine Morris

Vive, Chakra Songs
Parkhill Records / Shabby Music

Gabriel Mann and Tanya Witman have created this music to enhance relaxation and activate the energy of the chakras, using the known power of sound to transform energy and help one connect to the divine, within and without. The luscious sounds and hauntingly sung mantras of Vive (rhymes with five) fill body, mind, and spirit with light that remains long after the music has stopped. Each song is based on a Sanskrit mantra that, together with the tonality of the music, is intended to activate the energy of the corresponding chakra. At once deeply human and other-worldly, the songs masterfully engage the power of music to create sacred space for spiritual communion, while complex yet subtle polyrhythms weave a spell around the listener. Best described as “both trance and dance” (, the music is a wash of spiritual energy. Tanya Witman’s singing of the mantras is full and rich and comes from a place deep inside, inviting and enabling us to take our own inner journey and come back transformed.

The music, together with the sacred technology of the mantra, has the power to purify and unite as it calls forth the energies of each chakra, from the most primitive to the celestial. Since the mantras are sung in Sanskrit, a translation is given that explains the energies of each chakra and its related key note and color and the principle associated with it.

Mann and Witman cite as influences Deva Premal, Wah!, TJ Rehmi, Drala, Peter Gabriel, and others. Deeply refreshing and highly recommended.

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