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reviewed by Kristine Morris

Following the Call: Wood and Clay Flute Music for Meditation and Inspiration
Cul de Sac Mystic Productions

Ann Licater skillfully blends intuition and her classical training to craft inspirational and healing music in the Native American tradition. The music is improvisational and meditative, and the quality of sound of each of these hand-crafted contemporary replicas of wood and clay flutes is impeccable. Licater says, “These original songs have always felt co-created with another source. This is the beauty and mystery of improvisational playing and the reason Native American-style flutes are the ideal instruments to express songs from within.” Licater suggests that certain of the compositions or instruments will have different effects upon listeners, depending upon what each one is experiencing in his or her life at the time of listening. She recommends noticing these effects and journaling and meditating on what we would like to explore, while allowing the music to release our intuition and aid us in the journey of discovery.

Songs include “Following the Call,” “Numinous Gateway,” “Spirit Dance,” “Ancient Echoes, Sacred Moon” (with 400-year-old Tibetan bowls), “Unfolding Mystery, Wind and Butterfly,” “Three Graces,” “Mystic Messenger,” “Dream Time,” “Initiation,” “Beloved,” “Winged Prayer,” “Emergence,” “Old Soul,” and “Full Circle.” The recording was produced by Ann Licater, Gentle Thunder (a Grammy nominee), and Brian Todd.
Ann Licater studied classical flute at MacPhail Center for Music in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and has an M.A. in creation spirituality from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. She is also a freelance writer, speaker, and performer on the subjects of personal discovery, creative expression, and spirituality through her “Flute for the Soul” workshops.

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