Sacred Alchemy

reviewed by Kristine Morris

13 Songs to Bring the Goddess Alive in Your Life

Devaa Haley

Sacred AlchemyDevaa Haley’s intent with this album is to lead the listener into an experience of the sacred feminine that lives within all of us, male and female, and to help us come back into balance. Each track of this devotional album is dedicated to a particular experience of the goddess from one of the world’s spiritual traditions. Through songs such as those expressing the gentler, more “yin” aspects of the goddess Tara; the playful, creative energies of saraswati; the fierce, feminine aspect of Isis; and the sensuality of Aphrodite, the listener is led to feel these traits as his or her own and allow them to awaken and flower. Instruments including the hammered dulcimer, native American flute, saxophone, percussion, harmonium, guitar, bass, indigenous and electronic instruments, and percussion enliven the mix.

“It’s time to welcome the full range of feminine energies on our planet and in our lives,” says Haley. “My goal with this album was to express 13 very different faces of the goddess so that people can experience and relate to the diversity of feminine power and expression. Each song has a very different flavor, and taken together, sacred Alchemy is a full celebration and representation of the feminine spirit that is rising up across the globe.” Lovers of devotional music will find much to like in this album.

Devaa Haley Mitchell is a musician, spiritual guide, and public speaker who offers programs to facilitate the awakening of the feminine spirit. She co-founded and hosts the Inspiring Women summit, a virtual gathering of more than 53,000 participants from 160 countries, and was ordained an interfaith minister by the chaplaincy Institute of Maine in 2005.

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