The Shadow Effect

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A Journey from Your Darkest Thought to Your Greatest Dream
Debbie Ford Films
Hay House / Two interactive DVDs
approx. 70 minutes and 110 minutes

Based on the Shadow Process seminars of best-selling author Debbie Ford, this two-DVD set includes an interactive format that allows you to use proven techniques to identify, accept, and integrate your “shadow,” and learn how to transcend the limitations that denying it has placed on your life.
If you’ve ever wondered why those who seem to “have it all” engage in scandalous, dangerous, or otherwise self-destructive behaviors that often leads to their downfall, Ford and the other respected teachers featured in the film make it clear that the hidden shadow is usually the cause.

“The shadow is the part of our self that we disown or dislike and is made up of the thoughts, emotions, and impulses we often find too painful, embarrassing, or distasteful to accept, so we deny or repress them,” said Ford.

“I created this film to help people break free of the bonds of the past and the wounded ego that hides all that we believe is unacceptable about ourselves. When we learn to love and own all of who we are, we step into the greatness of who we may yet become.”

A moving, disturbing, joyful, painful, honest, and penetrating look at the shadow and some of the courageous individuals who have transcended abuse, racism, the Holocaust, and the effects of war and poor self-image, the film alternates stories of suffering and triumph with commentary by Ford, Marianne Williamson, Dr. David Simon, Dr. Deepak Chopra, James Van Praagh, Mark Victor Hansen, and others.

Although the shadow may appear frightening, it is actually a friend in disguise and can be the power source that leads to the achievement of our greatest dreams. Taking the sacred journey in the company of these teachers — and in the privacy of one’s home — may allow for the opening to a whole new world of possibilities.

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