The Living Matrix

Spirituality & Health Magazine

The New Science of Healing
Directed by Greg Becker

The Living Matrix is an exciting and visually compelling glimpse into what scientists have begun to see as they look at the wonders of the human body through the lens of quantum physics: that we are far more than “biochemical machines” set on a path to illness or health, determined by our genetic inheritance. Our very cells, as senders and receivers of information, control our health in marvelous ways, responding not only to physical information but to subtle energies that inform each cell to choose between a vast array of possible responses.

The new field of bioenergetics engages some of the best scientific minds in the study of energy fields, consciousness, and quantum physics and offers new research that meets the requirements of the conventional medical community. In documenting accounts of recovery from chronic ailments that were considered hopeless by the medical establishment, bioenergetic medicine offers hope that there are safe and effective alternative health options for a wide range of conditions. 

“This is a time of great activism and a time when people are demanding safer, more effective, and affordable health-care choices in line with their personal beliefs,” said the film’s director, Greg Becker. The Living Matrix brings academic and independent researchers, practitioners, and science journalists together in a compelling and lively presentation of new scientific research. Enlivened by 3-D motion graphics and the stories of people who have recovered from what were thought to be hopeless cases of illness and disability, it offers empowering information on how we can enhance our body’s self-healing capabilities to regain and maintain our health, safely and naturally. Featured are Marilyn Schlitz, Ph.D.; James L. Oschman, Ph.D.; Rollin McCraty, Ph.D.; Eric Pearl, D.C.; and others whose work has brought them into close contact with the reality that we are more than we seem — and more powerful than we have ever imagined.

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