Living Temples – Sacred Land

Spirituality & Health Magazine

Directed by Jan Nickman
ThirdPlanet Productions
Healing / Meditative

Scientists and researchers at major institutions, including Harvard and Dartmouth, have shown that exposure to nature, music, and art, as shown in Living Temples – Sacred Land, can lower blood pressure, increase serotonin levels, boost the immune system, and reduce pain levels. ThirdPlanet Productions and Emmy Award-winning director Jan Nickman, together with Grammy-nominated composer David Lanz and Academy Award-winning actress Linda Hunt, have created this visually stunning contribution to the new genre of “healing entertainment,” going beyond scientific papers and discussions of healing to fostering the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual conditions needed to experience it.

Views of the sacred places of the American Southwest — wind-sculpted sand, the Mesa Verde cliff dwellings, and varied plant life — together with vast expanses of land and sky create a meditative, sacred space in which viewers can relax and mend body, mind, and spirit. You may want to consider doing your own research: watch a few moments of the usual film fare consisting of explosions, gunshots, and shark attacks, then honestly rate what your body is telling you about the way it feels. Now watch Living Temples – Sacred Land and do the same thing. The difference in how you feel may surprise you. 

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