Book Review: Joy Seeker by Shannon Kaiser

by Shannon Kaiser
reviewed by Maria Okorn

Fears, insecurities, and limiting beliefs impede our happiness and prevent us from living truly joyful lives. In Joy Seeker, author, speaker, writer and life coach Shannon Kaiser charges us to let go of everything that may hinder our joy and to embark on a journey of self-acceptance and fulfillment. Rather than specifically promoting individual growth and change, Kaiser’s words encourage a deep introspection to honor our true selves and spirits. She explains, “You see, you aren’t becoming anything you aren’t already, but rather you are allowing yourself to be who you truly are, and who we are is always growing, changing, and revealing.” Instead of limiting ourselves with certain expectations and believing things will improve in the future, the book gives us the tools to honor our present person and accept every outcome as a part of our divine path.

Reflecting on her own life experiences, particularly through her decision to leave her corporate job in order to write and travel, the book provides thorough explanation as well as practical advice for implementation. Each chapter concludes with a “Radical Recap” summarizing the issue of the chapter, an “Awesome Opportunity” to give practical ideas for implementation in our daily lives, and a “Mantra”, thoughtfully crafted to promote a joyful mindset.

Empowering and uplifting, Kaiser’s words challenge us to view our lives as they are—an incredible journey and gift in which we should savor every single moment. Additionally, her words encourage connection and community to build each other up with acceptance and love.

Joy Seeker inspires the conviction that we are love, and by loving ourselves we “are and always will be, enough.”

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