Book Review: The Gifts Beneath Your Anxiety by Pat Longo

by Pat Longo
reviewed by Maria Okorn

Anxiety, panic attacks, sadness, and heightened sensitivity can carry with them a multitude of

other effects—headaches, depression, and impediments from life’s joys. However, individuals

who find themselves plagued with these issues might actually be empathetic people with unique

spiritual gifts, asserts Pat Longo in her book, The Gifts Beneath Your Anxiety. Longo, a spiritual

healer and teacher, instructs that in order to align and heal ourselves, we must access a series of

thought practices, visualizations, and meditations to rid ourselves of the negative energies we


Through her own story as well as personal anecdotes from others, Longo illuminates the notion

that, with intention and commitment to the exercises and practices, total spiritual healing is

possible. The book details the importance of developing intuition to hone our divine gifts while

connecting with God and the Universe. Longo explains that “if these intuitive gifts are

recognized and developed, they may yield the capability of more sustained, controlled

connection and communication with the spirit world and the Universe around us.” Additionally,

specific and detailed meditations explicitly provide us with the tools necessary to keep our

bodies—physical, spiritual, emotional and mental—in harmony and balance.

Those with empathic inclinations who have experienced anxiety or simply people looking to

deepen their intuitive nature will find simple yet essential tools to harness their spiritual

sensitivities throughout the text. The Gifts Beneath Your Anxiety enlightens us with the

understanding that by using our most powerful tool—our minds—we will successfully navigate

our personal journeys to health, healing, and wholeness.

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