Book Review: Heal Yourself with Journaling Power by Mari L. McCarthy

by Mari L. McCarthy
reviewed by Maria Okorn

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While the power of the written word cannot be denied, our own written word has in itself the ability to heal and cure, asserts Mari L. McCarthy in Heal Yourself with Journaling Power. With the same impassioned perspective regarding the life-changing influence of expressive writing evident in Journaling Power, McCarthy provides additional encouragement and guidance for those who seek restoration of mind and body in her latest book. The author credits therapeutic journaling as the healing agent of her debilitating pain due to MS, and currently provides sessions and courses designed to support individuals exploring writing therapy as founder/Chief Empowerment Officer of Incorporating lessons gleaned from her work with others as well as McCarthy’s own journey, the book motivates readers to use journaling to develop their intuition, determine how to best foster positive change, and work to truly reconcile the “issues in their tissues.”

Providing focus areas for readers’ journaling paths to wellness, the book also features poignant personal stories on how real individuals found healing and growth through writing. Each focus area is highly applicable to daily life, including using journaling to break away from addictive smartphones and writing to manifest one’s dreams and desires. Concluding with prompts that inspire readers to use writing to solve problems and nurture growth, Heal Yourself with Journaling Power will leave readers eager to put pen to paper to begin their own journaling rituals.

Mari McCarthy’s passion for writing therapy exudes throughout her explanations regarding the host of benefits that expressive writing offers. Her positivity and authentic belief in what journaling can provide is encouraging and inspiring. Readers who seek a no-cost, no-risk, yet powerful form of therapy who are willing to write their own prescription for a better life would benefit from this work on the transformational influence of therapeutic journaling.

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