Book Review: Dare to Matter

by Jordan Kassalow and Jennifer Krause
reviewed by Maria Okorn

“Making a difference is not something you do in a vacuum or on the side. It is a worldview and a way of life. It’s working to be your whole self everywhere at all times, so that you can bring your whole self to everything that you do,” affirms Dr. Jordan Kassalow in Dare to Matter: Your Path to Making a Difference Now. Kassalow, an optometrist and philanthropist, demonstrates his own dedication to such an ideal through his leadership with VisionSpring, an organization dedicated to improving economic and social conditions in developing countries by providing low-cost vision screenings and eyewear. Written with Rabbi Jennifer Krause, the book incorporates spiritual teachings, wisdom from religious and cultural leaders, as well as literary and Kassalow’s personal anecdotes. These words motivate us to look deeply at the moral imperative we have to enhance the world, and Kassalow offers the practical advice and support necessary for us to begin more fully serving others.

Integrating candid questions for personal analysis, the book incites a profound look within ourselves to determine what we really care about, what moves and motivates us, and what aspects of our world we want to see changed. By identifying our core beliefs, we are encouraged to take action through whatever means we can, regardless of our personal financial situations. Additionally, the book conveys wisdom regarding the practicalities of balancing a dedication to our personal and professional lives while finding room to prioritize impact work.

Whether we are seeking to be of service in our local communities or looking to make a larger global impact, Kassalow’s experience and advice resonates and inspires. His work with VisionSpring and EYEalliance as well as his participation in world-renowned summits and organizations have provided him with the insight to illuminate where we can each fit in the world of social entrepreneurship. Challenging, informative, and inspiring, Dare to Matter invites us all to make our lives ones of true worth by serving our fellow man.

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