The Heart of Money

Spirituality & Health Magazine
reviewed by Kathryn Drury Wagner

By Deborah L. Price

It's a taboo subject, but it’s something intimate that can bring partners closer together. Did you guess sex? The answer is money, actually, which author Deborah L. Price says is a basic need, just like shelter, food, and emotional security. Price is a former financial advisor who left the industry to found the Money Coaching Institute and has written several other books on family finance. Her new guide focuses on couples, as marriages can easily fracture and crumble under the weight of money worries, particularly during a prolonged recession. For example, are you practicing financial fidelity or are you cheating by sneaking shopping bags into the house? Time to come out of the money closet, says Price. She goes over eight “money types”—each based on a different emotional/financial back story—and helps the reader identify which one they are, which one their partner is, and how the two types clash or complement each other. She models meaningful conversations about spending and saving, showing how finance can become a tool to foster connection and trust rather than being a divisive wedge between lovers. Price also gives tips on practical considerations such as insurance, prenuptial agreements, and children’s allowances. Ultimately, this book will help you cultivate an uninhibited, rich life with your partner, no matter what is in your bank account. 

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