Quiz: Which Spiritual Archetype Are You?

Quiz: Which Spiritual Archetype Are You?

Are you a Seeker, a Sage, or a Mystic? Take this easy quiz to see which archetype you best fulfill on your spiritual journey.

In a world with nearly 8 billion people, there is no single approach to spirituality that would fit everyone. Some prefer chanting and meditation, others like study and devotion, while still others choose nature as their source of spiritual wisdom.

Still, we all likely follow certain archetypal patterns in our approach to spirituality. Understanding these patterns can help us better weed out practices that don’t fit as well, while guiding us to dive deeper into the ones that do. In addition, understanding your spiritual archetype can help you enhance the positive sides of your style while minimizing the “shadow,” or negative sides.

In this quiz, discover which of the eight primary spiritual archetypes best describes your spiritual journey.

Spiritual Archetype Quiz

What would you say is your best quality?

  1. Listening to/honoring the inner voice
  2. Curiosity
  3. Perception/empathy
  4. Humility/receptivity
  5. Intuition
  6. Intelligence/wisdom
  7. Loyalty
  8. Faith in possibilities

What is your primary shadow quality?

  1. Can feel lost/alone
  2. Cycle through obsession/boredom with new beliefs, ideas, or teachers
  3. Oversensitive, leading to exhaustion and burnout
  4. Might misuse gifts for personal gain
  5. Tendency toward martyrdom/seeking out suffering
  6. Can abuse power
  7. Can become codependent
  8. Loss of trust in personal power

You find fulfillment in…

  1. Engaging in spiritual practices that celebrate your expression of the Divine
  2. Collecting wisdom and knowledge
  3. Raising awareness and personal growth in yourself and those around you
  4. Hearing and delivering messages from beyond, including those about the future
  5. Uniting in spiritual marriage between the Self and the Soul
  6. Sharing wisdom
  7. Learning, teaching, and serving Divinity through community
  8. Empowerment and achievement

Your ideal Friday night is…

  1. Building/rearranging a sacred altar to your favorite deity
  2. Attending a workshop or seminar
  3. Cultivating unity and healing within a group, family unit, or another person
  4. Swapping stories and sharing ideas for the future with others who are open and engaged
  5. Listening to consciousness-opening music, lighting candles/incense, listening to the wind against the window
  6. Time alone to recuperate from teaching/mentoring others
  7. Working directly with a mentor on a project and receiving new tools and wisdom
  8. Making elixirs/healing potions (can even be a batch of cookies with your special recipe, guaranteed to pull anyone out of a funk!)

What kind of movies do you most enjoy?

  1. Clash of the Titans, Wonder Woman, Hercules
  2. The Wizard of Oz, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
  3. Chocolat, coming-of-age movies
  4. The Hunger Games, dystopian or science fiction movies
  5. Amadeus, The Theory of Everything, At Eternity’s Gate
  6. The Karate Kid, Star Wars, The Matrix
  7. Peaceful Warrior, Good Will Hunting, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
  8. Harry Potter, Arthur, fantasy movies

What is your deepest-held belief?

  1. We attain our highest potential through connection with a chosen deity (or deities)
  2. The truth will set me free
  3. The body, mind, and spirit are not separate
  4. There is no barrier between the seen and the unseen
  5. We are all God
  6. Wisdom is not taught but can be unlocked
  7. Devotion to a path will result in an awakening
  8. Everything in the world is capable of change

You attribute the problems in the world to…

  1. Loss of connection with God or a higher spirit
  2. Not enough willingness to grow and learn
  3. Disconnection/pain/unhealed trauma
  4. Loss of connection with intuition and subtle sensory information
  5. Too much emphasis on thinking and being in the world
  6. Too much preoccupation with status/duty/identity
  7. A loss of deep wisdom
  8. Too much two-dimensional reality, and not enough ritual/ceremony/magic

Count your answers and then use the guide below to read more about the archetype you most connect with. (Keep in mind that this is only a brief quiz; if you feel the right answer is different than the result you got, stick with your intuition!)

The Results of Your Spiritual Archetype Quiz

If You Answered Mostly 1's

You are a Devotee

The Devotee feels directly connected to a deity—whether that be God, Jesus, the Holy Mother, Buddha, Krishna, Kali, or any other image of the Divine. They feel most supported when in worship, service, and commitment to this deity. However, as they are so committed to this “external” connection, they may lose touch with their inner guidance and heart.

If You Answered Mostly 2's

You are a Seeker

The Seeker archetype leads with a need to know, spurred on by a sense of feeling lost, alone, or outside. In their quest for truth, they will travel anywhere and try anything. Experiences that feel saturated in truth can lead to great states of expansion, but the Seeker also needs to learn how to cope with uncertainty and unknowing if they are to ever find peace.

If You Answered Mostly 3's

You are a Healer

The Healer archetype leads with empathy and is very sensitive to the feelings of those around them. They seek wholeness—within and without. They believe that we are all connected and seek unity, even in groups of people with very different personalities or energies. While they love being with people, they often find their respite in nature.

If You Answered Mostly 4's

You are a Prophet

The Prophet archetype is a messenger and likely has one of the five claires: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, and clairalience. The Prophet may be able to easily communicate with angels, nature spirits, and ancestral beings. They can use these gifts to help others through difficult times but need to develop their skills well enough such that their own desire/will is not superimposed on the advice they give. They also need to be aware that their predictions might not always be well-received and proceed with caution.

If You Answered Mostly 5's

You are a Mystic

Many spiritual seekers might like to imagine themselves as Mystics—until they learn more about what this archetype entails. This is an archetype characterized by inner turmoil. They are ungrounded and largely disconnected from daily life. Think of Theresa of Avila, or St. John of the Cross. Their devotion to the Divine borders on madness and can lead to extreme asceticism. Their life’s journey is lonely, but their gifts to the world born of their sacrifice are immense. They are uninterested in the pleasures of the earth, seeking only union with the Self.

If You Answered Mostly 6's

You are a Sage

The Sage is the wise teacher who knows how to shapeshift depending on the needs of those around them. They are the consummate truth-teller; if you don’t want to know, don’t ask them! They are also excellent communicators, passing on their wisdom in books, lectures, and even storytelling around a kitchen table or fire.

If You Answered Mostly 7's

You are a Disciple

Disciples thrive under the guidance of a teacher. They are loyal and disciplined. Similar to the Devotee archetype, they enjoy spiritual practices, such as chanting, meditation, dance, or other types of mindful movement. The difference is that where the Devotee’s loyalties belong directly to a deity, a Disciple is devoted to a teacher or guru on this earth.

If You Answered Mostly 8's

You are an Alchemist

The Alchemist believes in the power of transformation and has faith that even the most difficult of situations can be converted into “gold.” They are drawn to magic and see the things in the world as simply temporary manifestations. They enjoy rituals, but can get so caught up in them that they forget that the true power lies in their own body, not the “things.”

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Which Spiritual Archetype Are You

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