Personal and Planetary Ascension

Personal and Planetary Ascension

What is happening in your inner and outer life at this time, and what is happening on the planet?

The shift of the ages began on December 21, 2012, when many cycles closed and new ones opened. We have entered into the 7th Golden Age (a 26,000-year cycle) on this planet as well as the Aquarian Age (a 2,300-year cycle).

We are coming to be new versions of ourselves: sometimes gradually and sometimes with a very self-evident awakening that turns our world upside down. Each person’s journey is unique in this process of personal and planetary ascension. As I often say, there are eight billion spiritual paths on this planet. But we can recognize common signposts and shifts of consciousness that point the way to understanding the ascension process that is happening for all of us, and for our beloved planet.

How have you changed over the past ten years? What has shifted for you in that time, both within and in your outer life? How have you grown? What have you let go of and discarded? What larger realizations and insights have you had? What have you been drawn to? What new choices have you made? How do you see the world these days?

Let’s look at many different indicators of ascension, which is a process of coming back to, or arriving at, our true nature: divine love and light expressing in each unique human being and in all of life on our precious Mother Earth, who, as a planetary consciousness, is also ascending.

Ascension Indicators

  • Heart open—to others, to all of nature, to yourself—and forgiveness and understanding come with ease, and for yourself as well
  • Unity consciousness
  • Oneness of all that is, the collective human consciousness, the planet, universe and cosmos
  • Telepathy with anyone and with the oneness
  • Service—not necessarily what we “do” but what we are
  • Freedom—following your own path and inner guidance, not the rules of society as it has been. Feeling free and being free
  • Trust in the divine—the divine plan and the divine working out of everything
  • Seeing beauty in everything and everyone, in nature and all of life, seeing “the light” in everything. As we do see this way, it expands—as everything and anything we focus on expands
  • Feeling one with all of nature
  • Joy
  • Authenticity—being yourself is the greatest gift you give back to Creator and to creation. You are the gift.
  • Awareness of light—seeing paradise when you go outside. Seeing the earth as light. Seeing the light, the soul, in other people.
  • Becoming lighter—The more we release the old, the tired and worn out, and the places where there is less than love in our consciousness, the lighter and more spacious we become.
  • Awareness of love, of people’s souls
  • Divine neutrality—letting go of judgment and separation consciousness. Learning to unconditionally forgive, accept and love yourself, all others, and “the world”
  • Feelings of divine grace and divine ease in your life—living in a state of flow and of unconditional love, going with the flow—your own flow, being in the flow
  • Now time—being simply present here now, an open channel of peace and awareness. The past is dissolving behind you and you are not worrying about or planning the future. You are letting it all go and simply being present here now.
  • Taking care of yourself: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Loving and honoring yourself
  • Recognizing your multi-dimensionality—coming more and more to realize that you exist in many dimensional levels of consciousness simultaneously. All is consciousness.
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