Particles from Heaven: Losing the Fear of Death

Particles from Heaven: Losing the Fear of Death

“What is Heaven like? Turn your heart and mind toward your heavenly soul and you will experience Heaven firsthand.” --Matthew Fifeforaite

One of the most difficult conditions we can humanly encounter is the loss of a loved one. An untimely and seemingly senseless death can be especially devastating.

Losing a loved one is truly to lose part of oneself. Grief often repels us inward, forcing us to spontaneously open to the dimension of our souls. The deeper (purer) that experience the more natural it becomes for us to glimpse the ethereal beauty of our indigenous Soul Universe (Heaven).

These inspirational and transformational experiences of Heaven, Which is above (within) us, greatly softens one’s grief. In that comforted state, one becomes genuinely happier for their loved one’s gain than they are sorry for their own loss.

What is Heaven like? Turn your heart and your mind toward your heavenly soul and you will experience Heaven firsthand.

Your heart and mind are part of your soul. However, they operate as a lower dimension of your soul’s life energy. This lower dimension of life energy is the part of your being (soul, heart, mind and aura) that conjoins with the physical energy of your physical body.

Physical energy is naturally negative. Life energy is naturally positive. While your heart and mind can wrestle with the negative influences of physical energy, your soul, as a pure particle of the dimension of our Heavenly Universe, is incorruptible peace, happiness and virtue.

Your heart and mind exist between your soul body and your physical body. Which universe of energy you receive in your heart and mind, physical or soul, determines the nature of the energy you express as your life.

The moment you receive the energy of your heavenly soul in your heart and mind, any fear of death will greatly reduce or disappear. You will know that “you” were never born and that “you” will never die. Rather, that “you” are part of this eternal heavenly being that you now know is your soul.

If one is filled with the energy of their physical body, it is common for that person to identify with their physical body and lose sight of their soul. Consequently, any thought of death can result in a fear of self-extinction. What releases that hold is the beatific energy of one’s soul to which one eventually opens and receives. When peace replaces fear, one’s heart and mind demagnetize from physical energy and receive their soul’s life energy instead.

When your missions in this world are complete, you must return to our Soul Universe (Heaven). If you know your soul, you will understand that this activity is ordained. In other words, that your soul sanctions this transition to raise the outer part of itself – your heart and mind – into Heaven.

We are conjoined with our physical bodies for a term. When our time to disjoin with our physical body is imminent, healing is perceptual, and any suffering we must endure in that transition becomes happy suffering. We feel happy about the physical body, the suffering that is fully releasing us into our souls and the Place we are going.

As particles from Heaven we are simply returning to our Soul Universe. Transition into Heaven is an inter-universal (inter-dimensional) healing of our hearts and minds. The Soul energy of Heaven harmonizes in us the human experiences, as memory-energy, we carry back. This is necessary to reenter and be fully assimilated by the divine splendor of Its Universe.

We cannot understand Heaven and Its activities while filled with physical energy. But we can choose to turn within and receive our heavenly souls, and in so doing, our souls share with us the Universe from Where we came and to Where we will return.

We know Where we are going, and this eliminates fear. While connected to the physical body there are still moments of human grief in either losing our loved ones or in leaving them behind.

It is however, the nature of our souls to cradle us from fear and sorrow with a perceptual healing, pointing to our eternal nature and revealing to us the members of our soul families who are waiting to usher us back into the Paradise of everlasting Life.

There are no words to describe our Soul Universe and no way to comprehend Its beauty except that one chooses to receive their soul and become a pure particle of Its nature and activity.

One who chooses to receive their heavenly soul will be perceptually healed in heart and mind of fear and sorrow; of every perceptual disharmony, and to the degree that it supports one’s term of service in and to this physical universe, healing of their physical body as well.

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