One For The Road

2018 January/February

My Husband Encountered God

On a trek in the desert Southwest, my husband encountered God, who told my husband that he was God’s prophet. He now wants to sell all we have, and start a global ministry promoting him as God’s messenger. I believe in God, but not in my husband. I don’t want to leave him, but I fear if I don’t follow him, he will leave me. What should I do?   

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Can you help your husband understand we are all messengers of god? promotion doesn't need to be with a person, it can be living the life we are all called to live. that can be in any place at any time with anyone. love is all around us; god is love and god is everywhere. following one person might narrow his reach. if he leaves you, that might expand your path to loving more.

Quebec, Canada

Can you support your husband without being a « follower »? I believe it is important to stay true to yourself and honest with him. And be mentally ready the option that he might not accept that you don’t believe in him as a messenger of god.