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Explore Your Rebellious Side

21 days of practices drawing from ancient wisdom and pop culture

A Spirituality & Health “100 Books We Love” pick & Nautilus Book Award winner. S&H columnist Sarah Bowen offers 100+ inspired activities and resources to help anyone deepen their spiritual perspective. “A lighthearted, upbeat take on questions that have churned within human minds for millennia.”―Spirituality & Health Book Review


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Being with god

Being With God

The Absurdity, Necessity, and Neurology of Contemplative Prayer

Being With God is what empowers doing for God. Sherrill shares his own journey from “busy” Christianity to the ancient paths of contemplative practices. He equips readers to integrate rhythms of stillness, silence, and solitude, offering step-by-step guidance and examples of finding solitude both personally and on retreats.


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    Wisdom of your body

    The Wisdom of Your Body

    Finding Healing, Wholeness, and Connection through Embodied Living

    Hillary McBride offers a compassionate, healthy, and holistic perspective on embodied living. Weaving together illuminating research, stories from her work as a therapist, and deeply personal narratives of healing from a life-threatening eating disorder, a near-fatal car accident, and chronic pain, McBride invites us to experience the wholeness that has been there all along.


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      The Enneargram for Spiritual Formation

      The Enneagram for Spiritual Formation

      How Knowing Ourselves Can Make Us More Like Jesus

      The Enneagram has become a popular tool for self-awareness and improvement. But in this book, Sherrill goes deeper, exploring with Christians how the Enneagram can be a pathway to profound spiritual transformation. Sherrill reveals the Enneagram as a tool to unlock new ways of viewing identity, personality, discipleship, spiritual practices, evangelism, and the Bible.


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        Rewilding motherhood

        Rewilding Motherhood

        Your Path to an Empowered Feminine Spirituality

        Women are often told that being a mother will complete or define them. But many mothers find themselves depleted and spiritually stagnant amid the everyday demands of being a mom. They long to experience a rich inner life but feel there is rarely enough time, energy, or stillness to connect with God in meaningful ways.


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          Break up with friends

          How to Break Up With Your Friends

          The Relationship Book You Didn’t Know You Needed

          “This book is a love letter to modern friendships.” —Erin Falconer

          With clear-eyed guidance and a dose of humor, Erin will help you take stock of your current friends, explore how you’re serving each other, and have the conversations needed if and when it’s time to “break up.” Along the way, you’ll learn how to be a truly great friend yourself!


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          The Illusion of Life and Death SH

          Learning to Live Without Fear—Embracing What Is

          “Highly recommended.” —RAVI RAVINDRA

          The Illusion of Life and Death is a rare guide to living and dying fearlessly and with grace. Drawing on her insights as a Buddhist practitioner, the teachings of world religions, quantum physicists, and personal experiences, Goldsberry explores non-attachment, karma, consciousness, reincarnation—and how learning to live well helps us learn to die well.


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          Essentials of Medical Intuition

          Enhance Healing and Wellness for Your patients, Your Clients, and Yourself With Medical Intuition

          Aimed at wellness professionals who want to use intuition in their practice and anyone seeking answers to their health issues from their own body and energy systems, Wendie Colter's Essentials of Medical Intuition: A Visionary Path to Wellness is the most comprehensive and nuanced guide to using Medical Intuition to promote well being.


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          Destiny and signs of god

          The Destiny and Signs of God

          Spiritual Psychoanalysis

          This book contains a poignant set of addictively chronicled teachings about our communication with God in person ... you will find specific solutions to save yourself and our civilization from the nightmare of material life.


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          Internal journeys

          Internal Journeys

          A Spiritual Transformation

          This book serves a self-love transformation guide to your own life’s unique and beautiful unfolding. This Spirit-led process, and our guide Internal Narcissus, moves alongside as a supportive friend, chapter by chapter, as we uncover the richest aspects of our lives and begin to vibrate within our natural frequency. We witness our minds, and our lives, catch up with the beauty and truth of our vast inner knowings. There is endless compassion and peace in the internal place beyond where time began. Let’s journey there, together.

          InternalJourneys.com | 1-909-273-9600

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          Mindset Medicine

          Manifest Everlasting Self-Love Write Now

          Start Journaling For The Health Of It®

          Are you sick of feeling like you're not the best version of Your Self? Prescribe yourself a dose of Mindset Medicine.

          Through mind-expanding writing exercises and thoughtful journaling power prompts, you learn how to tune out the hate and fear that's fed to you by modern life, and tune in to the real YOU.


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          GOD Heals

          There is a central power in the innermost being of a person. It is the pure divine All-Spirit, which is also a healing power. In this book, we are given a fullness of suggestions and advice, including a practical exercise in positive thinking, so that we learn how quickly the positive powers can be effective.


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          LIVE the MOMENT

          And You Will See and Know Yourself

          Our days can be “learning hours”—unique opportunities for every person. We can learn to understand our life through the language of the day, and come to realize that every moment, every hour, contains our individual images and components. So when we live the moment consciously, we realize what the day wants to tell us.


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