Hitting the Reset Button When Your Flow of Higher Energies Is Interrupted

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Hitting the Reset Button When Your Flow of Higher Energies Is Interrupted


Reset your connection to the flow of divine energies. “I began wondering about the numerous ways I lose my connection to the Ground of Being.”

The other day I walked out to the pond in the meditation garden in my backyard. The fountain at its center had shut off. For safety, I keep it plugged into a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet. When the outlet senses a variation in the normal current it shuts down the circuit. It’s easy enough to get running again. All I need to do is hit the reset button.

This fountain at the geometric center of our 100-foot-diameter garden has come to symbolize the Center, Source, or “God” flowing through my life from moment to moment. When the fountain pump shut off, it got me wondering about what interrupts the flow of higher energies in my life.

After discovering the silent fountain, I remembered that existentialist philosopher and theologian Paul Tillich referred to God as the Ground of Being. I began wondering about the numerous ways I lose my connection to the Ground of Being. When I lose that connection, the flow of God energies stops until I hit a reset button. I’ll consider below some of what interrupts my connection to the Ground of Being and then some ways I hit the reset button.

Here are a few of my Ground-of-Being interrupters.

  • wondering if I am good enough
  • comparing my life to someone else’s
  • expecting perfect results on any project
  • wondering about the meaning of my life versus diving into a life of love and compassion
  • getting stuck in anxiety about death
  • worrying about if I’m “succeeding”
  • worrying about if I’m handling money matters the best way possible
  • going over and over certain relationships that seem like Rubik’s cubes
  • worrying about worst-case scenarios
  • feeling hopeless about the human race’s biggest challenges
  • wishing things were other than the way they are
  • listening to the persistent doubts that accompany my creative endeavors
  • focusing more on if I’m loved than on if I’m Love

And this is just the beginning of the list! Any of these things can trip my Ground-of-Being interrupter and stop the flow of higher energies through my life.

Here are seven ways I hit the reset button.

  • Pause and be aware of my breath, which I call my spiritual umbilical cord.
  • Pause and state the small-self thought or emotion out loud. Breathe a few times, then state a corresponding Large-Self thought, which often begins with “I accept….”
  • Sit and place my hands together in the prayer position over my heart. Like a child, playfully imagine that my hands are touching the very center of my being that is always aligned with God.
  • Pause and find something here-and-now for which to be grateful. Usually this is something I ordinarily take completely for granted, such as I’m so grateful I can swallow normally without pain right now or I’m grateful for the miracle of my eyes so faithfully bringing me a view of the world in this moment.
  • Pause and send compassion and light to someone who needs those energies. This is a way to re-prime the pump of being Love versus wondering about being loved. It is inviting realignment with higher energies by choosing to restart the flow of higher energies through me to others.
  • Take a few minutes to do mindful walking meditation—a spiritual stroll about whatever part of my house or workplace I am in. Just slowing down that way helps me hop on the slow wavelength of God again instead of staying on the fast, frenzied wavelength of stress.
  • Send an affirming email or text to someone.

This is, of course, not a definitive list of reset button ideas after we notice our connection to the Ground of Being has been interrupted. I think we can all use a personalized menu of such ideas to get ourselves in the flow of our best energies again. The reset button I use most often is conscious awareness of my breath, sometimes hundreds of times per day when life is really challenging. My pond fountain only shuts off now and then, but my connection to higher energies can be interrupted many times per day!

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