Beyond the Experience of “You”

Beyond the Experience of “You”

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Enjoy this excerpt from an extemporaneous guided meditation from Swami Premodaya.

There is a whole other life waiting to be discovered. It has nothing to do with what your name is, what country you are in, even what planet you are on. It has nothing to do with whether you are a man or a woman. In reality there is no such thing. On the earth, people call this one “man,” that one “woman.” No such thing. Energy has no gender. Awareness has no form. Can you see yourself as neither man nor woman? And if you can, can you see yourself not even as a human being, just as being—without the adjective “human” in front of it? Because, guess what? As much as you are a human being on this planet, I am saying to you: You are not a human being at all. That is the big illusion. How can awareness be a human being? How can energy be any kind of being?

Energy is energy. What is, is. You are what is. I am not saying do anything different from how you do it now. I am just saying: See beyond that—there is much more to see.

It sounds radical. It sounds revolutionary. It sounds nuts. But, the biggest barrier to reality is your idea of “you.” Because what, in fact, do you experience when you say “you?” When you refer to yourself, you are really referring to an idea you have of “you”—not something real. It is your idea. It is literally an idea. It is literally a thought. But we become habituated. We learn to think of that thought as being as solid as a tree—as solid as a rock. We never question it. We never consider that maybe it is not as solid as we think. Or if we do, very rarely.

So I am simply suggesting that there is an entirely different dimension that is absolutely available to anyone and everyone. That is absolutely available to you. But it has nothing to do with how you conceive of yourself. It has something to do with what you have never conceived of at all. Open yourself to that—that which you have never conceived, that which you have never imagined—and you will be much closer to what is real. You will be much closer to what people call “truth” or “peace” or “god.” You can just call it “existence itself.” It does not matter what you call it—it matters how much you recognize it. It matters how much your awareness is aware of it.

Become involuntarily, permanently aware of it and everything becomes sacred. Every person has a halo. Every experience becomes holy. Truth does come with a halo, but you do not see the halo around other people’s heads, let alone your own.

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