From the Editor: Getting Witchy

From the Editor: Getting Witchy

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From oracle decks to witches to all things somatic and body-based.

We’ve noticed a huge spike in the production of decks: tarot decks, oracle decks, self-care decks, and more. We get pitches from PR people for interviews with deck creators all the time. When we receive catalogues from publishing companies, they’re filled with decks. And many of our tried-and-true contributors have created decks.

But here at Spirituality & Health, we didn’t totally get it. Personally, I appreciate the beautiful artwork but I don't really understand how decks work—how to incorporate a deck into my life.

For one of our features this issue (page 34), we focused on oracle decks. We asked several creators some of the questions that were on our minds. And we found (maybe predictably) that each deck creator sees things differently.

Another trend: all things somatic, or body-based. This issue we have an interview with Ellen Vora, MD, on how anxiety can flow from the body into the mind. She has the strongest academic credentials imaginable (Yale and Columbia) ... and calls herself a witch. It’s a fascinating read. It starts on page 42.

We were fortunate to work with Morgan Harper Nichols in this issue. She’s our back-page artist (page 80) and penned a story (page 28). Nichols has built a massive following on social media for her uplifting, idiosyncratic artwork-and-quote combos.

We’ve also added a new department this issue. Mary Bemis, who might be the world’s top retreat expert, will write about getaways in each issue. We’re calling it “Retreat Beat,” although it might have a new name by the time the May/June issue arrives in your mailbox. If you want to help us wordsmith a better title, or have anything else to share, as always, send your ideas, notes, or suggestions to [email protected].

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