The Path to a New Era

The Path to a New Era

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With the world rapidly changing, it's time to pay attention to messages of hope.

Our world is becoming smaller and smaller. World events are becoming bigger and bigger. It’s the result of the energies of Aquarius bringing all into close relationship. Lately, we’ve been conditioned to buy things on the basis of the packaging…more bells and whistles, more sparkly images, and more promises of wish fulfillment.

Here is an interview that requires us to look inside the human packaging to see the beating heart full of love. There is where a new era is being born. You can see it in the eyes welling up with the almost impossible-to-contain energy of love flowing between interviewer and interviewee.

Listen with your heart, and see what happens…

This heart-to-heart dialogue between molecular biologist Dr. Yasuyuki Nemoto and longtime Share International co-worker Michiko Ishikawa presents a hopeful message at this time of global crisis: A great force is at work now in the world, inspiring people everywhere to action on behalf of peace and justice. Dr. Nemoto’s questions drew out from Ishikawa her extraordinary early life story. These experiences led to her lifelong focus on achieving world peace, and commitment to making known the message of Maitreya, the World Teacher: Share the Earth’s resources to solve humanity’s problems.

Ishikawa’s heartfelt responses to Dr. Nemoto’s questions moved him deeply. This video, as well as the Part 2 Q&A, were produced by Share International Network Japan, and English language subtitles added by Share International USA – West. Both groups are part of the worldwide Share International network of volunteers. For more information, please visit:

The Path to a New Era

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