Finding Your Purpose

Finding Your Purpose

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Are you living life on autopilot without checking in with yourself? It might be time to explore your life’s purpose.

Let’s talk about what more women should ask themselves. We ask each other (and ourselves) questions all the time… How’s work? How’s your love life? What’s your next step? What do you want from a relationship or connection? Are you happy?

What a lot of us forget to do is check in with ourselves to understand and identify what we really want to do. Are you in a job or career that you’ve just somehow ended up in?

Sometimes, we end up in career paths or in relationships and connections by default, instead of actually crafting and creating the life we want to live. Then we realize that we’ve committed so many years to a particular career or connection that we force ourselves to believe it’s right. Sometimes, we don’t feel worthy or good enough to attract better and so we keep going and we stay unfulfilled.

Your purpose is the thing that shakes your soul. It’s a knowingness that feels like the butterflies deep in your belly have been released to fly freely into your heart space and out into the Universe and it is your unique gift. It gives you goosebumps because thinking and feeling something that resonates in complete alignment with your soul is the only thing that truly makes sense.

What Do You Really Want to Do in This Life?

Finding your purpose is about coming back to your authentic self. We all have a purpose that is unique to us as individuals because of our unique life experiences and perspectives. Being able to learn who you are outside of the constructs and confines of your upbringing, society, and expectations will bring you back to your true self and ultimately, your purpose. It’s important to center yourself and focus on this task.

Outside of the money, the judgment, the expectations, write down what you'd love to do because it feels true to your soul.

Learning Along the Way

In finding your purpose, you may question if it’s true. Usually, this is because you feel it should be harder. We’re led to believe that success means we need to suffer along the way. This is a false imprint in your subconscious.

On the other hand, you may start to see why everything that has happened in your life experience or journey to date makes sense. You’ll see it so clearly; it will seem almost magical how the pieces come together and you’ll have an innate knowing that only you could bring this to the world.

You’ll realize that nothing can stop you from serving your purpose. When obstacles come along your way, you’ll be guided to move past them, or accept the learning and be open to trust that the solution will come to you. You’ll continue to learn along the way and you’ll be unstoppable because you’re consciously choosing to serve your purpose.

How You Can Get to Your Purpose

  • Learn what you’re naturally good at and what brings you joy

  • Accept that your life experiences make you the best person to serve your purpose

  • Make a plan on how can you offer this learning to others

Living or serving your purpose starts with identifying your unmet childhood needs to consciously heal yourself from the limiting subconscious beliefs and blocks that keep you repeating the false programs instilled in you by society, tradition, culture, and family. Finding your purpose, is about rediscovering who you were truly meant to be in this life and knowing that you were born to share your gift.

Be the soul who accepts where you’re at, understands your needs, has found your purpose, and is working on serving it… Be who you were meant to be and fulfillment will come. For access to free resources and tools to guide you to discover your true Soul Self, subscribe here.

Finding Your Purpose

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