3 Simple Ways to Work Real Magic Today

3 Simple Ways to Work Real Magic Today


Magic is a way of working with energy and vibration to create positive change according to your will.

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Magic is not make-believe: magic is your super power.

You are a radiant, mysterious, electrical being made of stardust. You are one with the earth, the sky, and the infinite, glittering cosmos. And there is no one – there has never even been anyone – with a magical light that shines quite like yours.

But just what is magic, exactly?

Magic is the ability to create positive change according to your will. It is born out of your oneness with the Divine. It is a way of working with energy and vibration to pull your desired conditions from the invisible realm of pure potentiality into the visible world of form.

Ready to give it a try? Here are 3 great places to start.

1. Manifest a Parking Spot

This will attune you to the vibration of your parking spot, and in the words of physicist Nikola Tesla, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

2. Clear Negative Energy Out of Your Space

At home and at work, interior spaces can trap old energy, creating a stagnant, unhappy, or draining feeling. Regularly clearing this energy out of your space brings palpable benefits to your mind, body, emotions, and life conditions.

Start by dissolving and dispersing stuck energy with sound. You can do this by clapping loudly or shaking a rattle while generally moving in a counterclockwise direction around the interior perimeter of each room and area.

Next, add 12 drops of essential oil of sage to a small mister of spring water. Shake well and again move in a counterclockwise direction through each room and area, misting the perimeter, and paying special attention to corners and dark areas.

Finally, stand in a central location and visualize a sphere of golden-white light completely filling and surrounding your space. If you’d like, you can call on angels or a divinity of your choice to protect and preserve the positive energy within.

3. Call in More Wealth

Your front door is not just the main entry to your home. As the place where blessings and abundance enter your personal space, it’s also a potent symbol of wealth.

As such, a powerful way to summon more financial prosperity is simply to sweep your front door step and give your front door a thorough wash with a cloth and a bucket of warm water containing ¼ cup of vinegar and nine fresh basil leaves. As you sweep and wash, feel joyfully expectant, knowing that you are clearing the way for increased wealth to enter your home and your life.

…For lots more ideas and a proper introduction to magic as a spiritual path, check out my brand new book, You Are Magical.

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