The Benefits of Connecting with Divine Feminine Energy

The Benefits of Connecting with Divine Feminine Energy


Divine Feminine energy has the potential to help us heal. Learn more about Divine Feminine energy and how to access it, regardless of gender.

Divine Feminine energy goes beyond the physical realm and is unrelated to one’s gender. Rather, working with Divine Feminine energy is an inquiry into the characteristics of the beautiful feminine qualities that live within all beings. Divine Feminine energy also resides within the heart and can often be experienced as softness and as a gentle loving energy. By building awareness around this often-suppressed energy, greater balance can be brought back into all facets of our lives.

Divine Feminine Energy and Health

Healing of any kind can’t happen without Divine Feminine energy. This kind of energy allows us to keep our mind flexible and accepting, body relaxed and receptive, and spirit fulfilled and happy.

Our bodies depend on Divine Feminine energy for proper function. Our cells, chakras, and organs communicate and relate with one another with feminine softness and understanding. Without it, there is stress and discord, which can often lead to disease. Divine Feminine energy is responsible for all forms of nurturing, sustaining, creating, and nourishing. It is the energy of the Mother, the sacred love and tenderness necessary for all life on Earth. It is compassion, understanding, connection, friendship, loyalty, and trust. We experience the Divine Feminine in very subtle ways—through comfort, security, warmth, and even an embrace. Balancing and making Divine Feminine energy a priority in our lives allows our bodies to relax and opens us up to our highest mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Good mental health is the starting point for all health. We are constantly influenced by the energy around us swaying us one way or another. When the pendulum shifts without our awareness, negativity and darkness can easily take hold, causing imbalance. We become subject to negative thought patterns and habits of being judgmental, mean, dismissive, and even abusive towards ourselves or others. A focus on Divine Feminine energy brings us back to balance within our mental framework. We get stronger and learn to trust and believe in ourselves once more.

Divine Feminine Energy and Wealth

Sustainability, whether for ourselves or all life on earth, requires the compassion and intelligence that comes with Divine Feminine energy. Among other natural laws that impact wealth, there is a Universal Law of Giving and Receiving that creates a flow of love both out of you and back to you. This feminine flow must be respected and honored to bring about lasting abundance for yourself and those around you.

Divine Feminine energy creates a strong heart-based connection, fostering a desire to help and contribute to the greater whole. Your ability to live out your life’s purpose is connected to your wealth (which includes not just our finances, but also our ability to give, receive, and have gratitude), and the contributions you make while on this earth are enmeshed with your soul's desire. Divine Feminine energy opens this doorway within your consciousness, not only to bring about material gain but also to help you live a life of fulfillment and happiness in tune with your own unique and sacred contribution and purpose.

Explore these six ways to harness the power of the sacred feminine.

The Benefits of Connecting With Divine Feminine Energy

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