5 Daily Rituals to Honor Your Inner Elder

5 Daily Rituals to Honor Your Inner Elder


Explore how to honor your Inner Elder and celebrate the aging process with contemplation, journaling, meditation, and these five daily rituals.

Do you believe the story that aging will be challenging, filled with loss and disappointment? If so, it may be time to change your story.

What if you reframed your mindset around aging to authentically speak, feel, think, and visualize the years to come as the best years of your life? What if you truly integrated the mindset that no time is lost, and that your relationship to your future self is overflowing with emotional freedom, deep love for your body, a clear mind, and a deepening of gratitude and spiritual integration?

What if you no longer bought into the consumerist culture of anti-aging everything, but rather tended to your true needs while evolving your intuitive, spirited, and joyful relationship with yourself and others?

Instead of trying to fix, hide, or erase our aging journey, what if we shifted our perspective and held our maturation adventure as a time to gather the wisdom tools and resources required to evolve into the best version of who we are becoming?

How Negative Thoughts Affect Our Aging Process

Learning how to access intuitive wisdom through the maturation process is key—physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. It’s important to reveal and track negative narratives so we can become free and live out the best version of who we are.

Imagine the impact of the thousands of thoughts you have per day, and the repetitive impact your thoughts have on your life. “It’s too late to begin a new career.” “My wrinkles are making me feel so old.” “I am so exhausted all the time.” “The best years of my life are gone.”

If these limiting, negative narratives are left on repeat, we become them. What we pay attention to shapes us. Our thoughts, feelings, and words become our reality. So how do we begin to track our negative narratives and empower our Inner Elder? It begins with daily awareness.

And this requires us to show up and commit to our inner work. Not only does a daily mindfulness practice reset our nervous system, but it also allows us to stay current in our maturation journey. It expands our awareness on the ways in which negativity, victimhood, or martyrdom fatigues us. But most importantly, our inner work allows our Inner Elder to greet the next level of our intuitive becoming.

Aging as a Rite of Passage

What if we flipped the lens on our aging journey and welcomed it in as a rite of passage and a daily wisdom practice? What if we infused all the places we felt lacking and unaccomplished and unloved with a higher octave of love, peace, and acceptance?

Should we choose to accept this conscious aging invitation, our own Inner Elder has the potential to keep us present and joyous in our evolving journey on this earth. Reclaiming healthy habits and daily rituals is what tethers us to our true nature, not only to regulate our nervous system but also to keep us current in all the change that life inevitably brings.

Soul care is an essential practice to carry with us as we evolve. Creativity, skill-building, goals, and intentions inspire us in our aging journey. Instead of focusing on what’s missing or lacking, we have the mindful resources to show up, love ourselves and others, and tend to our aging evolution with grace and empowered acceptance.

What we nourish in our lives will flourish. What we feed inside our thoughts and actions will grow and evolve into our reality. The outcome of your future life cannot be controlled, yet the desire needs to be fed with radical self-love, generative rituals, and positive vibrations.

Be it meditating, gardening, working for an impassioned cause, connecting with kindred friends, engaging in a creative process, or receiving the bounty of nature’s gifts, aging with spirited grace is a daily practice. When we accept the invitation to commit to some form of inner work, we grant ourselves the capacity to stay current with intuitive glimmers and “aha” moments that are ready to emerge. The deeper revelations that arrive like a sudden flash within will be missed if we are distracted or unwilling to slow down enough to receive them. If we are too busy trying to fix, conquer, or over-produce, we give our vitality and deep sage wisdom over to the paradigms of oppression that reinforce the aging process as something negative.

We have the tools and the mindful practices to transform this narrative. Your Inner Elder is ready for this mindset shift. Let’s transform the aging narrative and empower the next generation coming to embrace their most authentic radiance.

Grant your Inner Elder the space to come alive. Aging with a spirited grace allows us to go deeper into our spiritual evolution. Lay down the narrative that interrupts your blossoming maturation journey. You are perfect as you are. See from the eyes of the Sage. Breathe deeply. Sit in silence daily. Listen to the bird’s sing. Practice daily acts of compassion and kindness for others. Stand tall for what you believe in. Do not fear falling or failing. Trust the process. Redirect the complaints and the comparisons. Name what is true and what you love in the moment. Catch the untruths as they arise. Let yourself be the wild, loving, fierce, passionate, gentle, and soulful wise human you are. You get to make the rules. You get to tell your true story and live out the best version of your life’s journey.

5 Daily Rituals to Connect with Your Inner Elder


    Be mindful of what you say to your body—both internally and externally. Catch yourself when you are directing harmful thoughts and actions towards your body. Stay hydrated. Eat whole foods. Connect to one movement practice daily: Go for a walk or run and invoke the power of self-love.


      Develop a daily meditation or mindfulness practice. Try sitting for at least five minutes daily in silence to recalibrate with your breath while inviting in your capacity for peace. Develop a daily gratitude practice, or repeat an affirmation that inspires you. For example, “I will let go of overwhelming thoughts and trust my process.”

      Emotions and Language

        Is your inner dialogue inspiring you or bringing you down? Journal about the ways you are being unkind or judgmental towards yourself or others. Write down your complaints and stressors. Then write down three compassionate thoughts about yourself—speak to yourself the way your radiant, loving Inner Elder would.


          What brings you out of the mundane to-do list of daily life and into a more expansive, awe-inspired frequency or attitude? Is there a prayer, ritual, or practice that reminds you of your inner beauty, strength, and spiritual resilience? What brings you hope, laugher, and love?

          Nature and Environment

            Discovering awe and wonder through your ecosystem will naturally generate a sense of calm and peace within. Trust in the generative power of nature’s gifts and receive them wholeheartedly. Make efforts to connect more fully to your ecosystem. Turn your devices off, allow repetitive negative thought patterns to soften, and allow your senses to come alive inside nature’s sacred space with time in nature.

            A Sunrise or Sunset Meditation to Honor Your Inner Elder

            1. Simply find a comfortable, quiet space to receive the sunrise or sunset, perhaps outdoors or by a window.

            2. Turn your devices off.

            3. Set an intention to let go of past or future stressors.

            4. Allow your inhales to honor the wisdom that lives within you, and with each exhale soften to receive the beauty around you.

            5. Imagine your body receiving the colours of the sunrise or sunset, letting them land inside your organs, and open your entire inner body to receive this powerful source energy of the sun rising or setting.

            6. Fully receive the vitality and power that lives inside the sun and let this power release negative or toxic thoughts or frequencies of lack or stress.

            7. Now, visualize your wise Inner Elder sharing a spirit message that will support you in your current journey.

            8. Call forward your gratitudes, cast a prayer, and seal in your meditation with an “I am _______, I will ______” message from your Inner Elder.

            Journaling Prompts to Listen to Your Inner Elder

            I honor my body by_____.
            My mind is inspired to _______.
            My emotions are nudging me to ________.
            My intuition is showing me that _______.
            My spirit is ready to receive _________.

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            5 Daily Rituals to Honor Your Inner Elder

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