Crystals for Panic Attacks

Crystals for Panic Attacks

How to Reach a Calmer State and Expand Spiritually


Discover how to use hematite, malachite, and morganite crystals for panic attacks.

If you’ve ever experienced a panic attack, you know how out of control the world can suddenly feel. The surge of fear that coincides with an array of physical symptoms can last from minutes to hours (in some cases, even days).

While suffering from panic attacks can feel disempowering, there are things that can be done—not just to help ease the attacks but also to use them as an opportunity for deeper healing. Working with specific crystals for panic attacks can be therapeutic.

Why Crystals?

Crystals carry specific vibrational frequencies that are unique to each one. They act like tuning forks in the body, helping to bring harmony to energetic frequencies that often become out of tune in the human body.

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The following crystals have healing properties that can be helpful in moving through a panic attack. Each serves a slightly different purpose. They can all be used in conjunction with each other to navigate the different layers of a panic attack.

3 Powerful Crystals for Panic Attacks

Split and Ground With Hematite

One of the most helpful things you can do in a panic attack is to ground yourself and connect deeply with the present moment. This can be easier said than done in the middle of a panic attack, which is where hematite can be a helpful friend to have on hand.

Hematite, an iron oxide compound, has energetic properties that offer feelings of weight and protection. It resonates with the root chakra, connecting you with the very secure feelings of earth energy. From this grounded place, a sense of slowing down can be felt, providing shelter from the storm. In this safe space, there is room to center and perceive the truth of that moment.


To work with hematite crystals in a panic attack: Hold one stone in each hand and feel the dense energy connect both halves of you with your base, the root of your being. Feel the weight of your body being embraced by the earth, as though you’re being held in loving arms. Notice the place upon which you sit: the texture of the surface and how it feels against your body. Observe the temperature on your skin, the sounds that surround you, and any scents that fill the air.

Deeply breathe and notice everything you can about the truth of the moment you are physically in, letting the energy of the hematite wash through you, helping to transform the negative energy.

Take a Spiritual Dive With Malachite

During uncomfortable situations such as a panic attack, our first instinct is often to find a way out of the discomfort. And while it is necessary to find grounding and calm space during a panic attack, it’s important not to bypass the real invitation, which is to spiritually dive in and explore the unhealed wound that is triggering feelings of panic. Malachite can help you do that.

Known as the “stone of transformation,” malachite connects us with lush energy of growth, amplifying the green energy of the heart chakra. It encourages stepping outside our comfort zones, while offering centering energy to courageously witness the deeper truth behind the panic attack. With the help of malachite, we are able to begin to process the layers of ourselves that are in need of transformation and healing.

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To work with a malachite crystal for panic attacks: Use malachite to help get open to the spiritual growth opportunity in your panic attacks when you are feeling ready. This may not be in the middle of a panic attack but rather after you have reclaimed a grounded sense of center. (Before moving into deeper healing work on your own, consider inviting the assistance of a healer.)

Lie flat on your back and place the piece of malachite over your heart. This ritual can be as simple as inviting the energy of the stone to drain down into your heart and begin to clear emotional blockages to help provide clarity. If you feel like you can go deeper, you may choose to open more fully to that which is heavy on the heart, moving into the emotional charge so that you can begin to then clear it away.

Illuminate Morganite to Tap Divine Love

While panic attacks can create a feeling that something is very wrong, like any emotion, panic can also act as a spiritual guide that has shown up to lead you back to a divine sense of wholeness.

Morganite is a stone that taps you into the flow of divine love. It helps to interrupt patterns around old wounding and hold the painful emotions with an abundance of compassion and grace. This stone has a softness that eases the edges of difficult emotions and allows them to be seen through a loving lens that feels safe. By perceiving such emotions in this way, the magic of what they are here to teach can be seen and felt, creating space for the most loving intentions to manifest. Use this stone to connect to your highest truth and deepest wisdom.


To work with morganite crystals for panic attacks: Use this stone to offer yourself loving grace and compassion when a panic attack comes on. It is in this energetic space that you will better perceive the wisdom that sits at the heart of your panic attack.

To tap into this wisdom, place the morganite (you can also use rose quartz for similar purposes) on a plain dish in front of you in a dark room. Light a candle just behind the dish, so that the stone is softly lit. Focus your attention on the morganite. Connect with your deep breathing and let everything else fall away from your mind. Feel a soft warmth gather in your heart and third eye. Relax into that light and feel yourself expand into all that you are, beyond the limiting space of the panic attack.

Go deeper to explore what’s happening below the surface in a panic attack.

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