Conscious Dying Collective

Conscious Dying Collective


Program Overview

Our core certificate programs train End-of-Life Doulas and Conscious Dying Coaches all over
the world.

These programs prepare caregivers from all disciplines and care settings to befriend death, surrender and trust deeply in each moment and restore death to its sacred place in the beauty, mystery and celebration of life. It builds communities of care and healing, benefiting everyone involved in care at end-of-life. By entering this innovative course of study with us, you will be supported by faculty-led live Zooms and teaching assistants.

You will be immersed in a new body of training in End-of-Life Literacy and experience transformative, nurturing and deep inner-work.

Are You Called to This Work?

Our students come from a variety of backgrounds ranging from community members, health care professionals, and healing arts facilitators to individuals who fear death, or have experienced their own loss and are called to support others in their final life transition. What unites us all is our desire for a personal exploration of the mysteries of death and dying in order to better support, share and advance awakening through the conscious dying process.

We aim to make this heart-centered work available to EVERYONE through our “global campus” via online programing and multiple offerings year-round.

Program Schedule

Conscious Dying Coach & Sacred Passage Doula Programs

  • January 2024 Cohort Begins January 11th
  • April 2024 Cohort Begins April 9th
  • June 2024 Cohort Begins June 5th


Varies by program. Please visit our website for more information about tuition, scholarships and payment plans. S+H readers: pay in full and receive a $100 discount. Use code S+HFRIENDS100