How to Break Out of Hustle Culture to Seek a Life of Fulfillment

How to Break Out of Hustle Culture to Seek a Life of Fulfillment

The corporate grind can break our spirits—explore alternatives that nourish your soul.

Get up early in the morning. Beat the traffic. Get to the office on time.

Being a part of hustle culture is one of the most soul-crushing acts of modern day society.

We grow up thinking that a successful corporate career is the ultimate goal, and getting there should take priority over anything else that we do, including spending time with our loved ones and taking time to do what we love.

The hidden cornerstone of hustle culture is the dissatisfaction that grips us all equally. Following the 9-to-5 track can crush your hopes and expectations of attaining joy and comfort in the future.

Most importantly, participating in this fast-paced culture is the fastest way to damage our health—physically, mentally and spiritually.

Digital nomad and founder of The Spirit Nomad Julia Lundin is no stranger to this realization.

Born into a loving Swedish family in Gothenburg, Julia always had big aspirations. Like most people, she had hoped for a big corner office and a stable job from early on.

Growing up, she found the world opening itself before her as she decided to climb the corporate ladder.

Her dream? To work at Google.

This was no easy task, but with enough dedication and hard work she finally achieved it. This meant that she was, in her own words, over the moon—but surely enough, that joy was very short-lived.

As it happens with most office jobs, monotony soon set in, and Julia realized that her job at Google, despite the beautiful office and the glory of working at one of the world’s biggest companies, was no different than her previous jobs.

Her job at Google meant that she was still trading time for money and working to fulfill someone else’s dream instead of her own. She felt uninspired and stuck.

Disillusioned and disheartened, she quit her job and booked a one-way ticket to Colombia to backpack in South America. This is when she found her true spiritual calling.

Julia asked herself a simple question that changed her life forever: What would I do if I did not have to worry about earning money?

The answer was clear. She abandoned the idea of being tied down to a particular location and became a digital nomad. Today, she travels around the world full-time, working from her laptop as a digital entrepreneur.

Her spiritual awakening inspired her to start her Youtube channel, The Spirit Nomad, where she shares tools to help people find their purpose and navigate their spiritual awakening, such as meditation, law of attraction, and shadow work.

She soon got her breakthrough and now has over 1.8 million views and 29,000 subscribers on her Youtube channel.

Julia runs a company with the same name and in her flagship program Nomad Freedom Academy, she helps people turn their passion into an online business that is on par with market needs while fulfilling one’s soul, in less than 6 months.

Julia believes that everyone has a unique spark that the 9-to-5 dulls, but it can be rekindled with the right resources and help. She writes the following excerpt in one of her blog posts:

“It can be difficult to leave the squirrel wheel, but if it doesn't feel right, and you dream of becoming a digital nomad, dare to start taking action towards that dream.”

With Nomad Freedom Academy, Julia is doing a difficult but necessary job of reconciling spirituality and passion with business. This way, we not only fulfill our financial needs but also the desires from our soul.

“Your business can be a powerful tool for personal, spiritual, and professional growth”, Julia explains.

Through her Youtube channel, she aims to expose common myths regarding spirituality, and hopes that more people gravitate towards authentic and organic spiritual experiences, allowing them to realize their ideal selves.

At the end of the day, a person’s life shouldn’t be lived according to how others believe the right way of living should be.

One of the worst feelings in life is regretting something you didn’t do, or a choice you didn’t make simply because you were too scared of taking the next steps or wary of what others would think.

Being in charge of your life starts with understanding that everything you experience is a direct reflection of your mindset. In other words, you shape your reality, and this includes deciding what you want to spend your time doing.

Starting a location-independent business around your passion is the first step to achieving freedom and exerting control over your own life, and this is exactly what Julia intends to help you do.

To learn more about how to tap into your ultimate purpose and unleash your inner power as a spiritual being having a human experience, check out her free guide Find Your Purpose In 2 Hours.

How to Break Out of Hustle Culture to Seek a Life of Fulfillment

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