15 Affirmations for Getting Out of a Bad Situation

15 Affirmations for Getting Out of a Bad Situation

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“You’ve got to know when to hold ’em

Know when to fold ’em

Know when to walk away

And know when to run...”

Thank you, Mr. Kenny Rogers! Because the time comes when you need to fold. You need to get up from that table, and hotfoot it the heck out of there. Maybe it’s a friendship that has soured. A dysfunctional committee that is wasting your time. A job that is sucking the life force out of you. A romance that won’t—though it’s breaking your heart to admit it—ever work out.

So. You need to act. To break that lease, turn in your notice, serve the papers, throw down the nametag, put the locks on the door, sell the diamond. But how? I could quote another famous singer, Paul Simon, about how there are 50 ways! Let’s talk, though, about why it’s so hard to leave a bad situation. Part of it is because you’ve invested so much time in this relationship/job/person, for so long. Two, you may also be concerned about seeming like “the bad guy” for leaving, or making the first move toward change. Lastly, it’s simply very scary to start over.

Here are some affirmations to help you get past these fears, so that you can enjoy your life again and all its bountiful possibilities. It’s time to kick that sensation of dread to the curb, and as Kenny sings, walk away.

1. Staying any longer would be throwing good after bad.

2. What is the price of staying? Pretty high.

3. The sooner I move on, the sooner I can find greater happiness.

4. This is the beginning of a wonderful new chapter.

5. Separating is for the higher good for all involved here.

6. I’m moving on, I’m letting go.

7. Today, I say “Yes!” to life.

8. I’m gaining more control over my life.

9. I’m committed to living a life free from regret.

10. I will easily move on from ___________.

11. I hold the power to change and grow.

12. Today, I release the fear of being judged by others.

13. This ________ is no longer worth my time or energy.

14. I trust the universe has amazing new things in store for me.

15. I emerge stronger.

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